Make the Transparent move?

Hi I am currently using gen5 Transparent Super interconnects and speaker cables. Is it worth the money to move to the gen5 ultras? My system consists of constellation inspiration pre and amp with Totem Wind Design speakers. For power cables I am using Maze I purchased off Ebay.


Did you know Transparent has an upgrade program where you can trade in your old cables?


You have some top shelf equipment, why wouldn't you make the move?

Transparent is a quality cable and they do have return privileges. 

Yes, I am aware of their program. I wanted some input helping decide it it is worth it. 

Transparent is excellent. I’ve tried a lot of cables and to me they’re the gold standard. 

It depends on your system. I am now running Transparent Ultra Gen6… and they are definitely worth in in my system. The difference between Gen 5 and 6 was large and I think Super and Ultra. 

What is your system? There is a place under your UserID to put some photos and ID your components. Makes it much easier for us to help.

Yes I am aware. I just don't spend that much time doing things like that. I had my system in there from 20 years ago. My system consists of Constellation Inspiration amp and pre. Baetis streamer with a luxman dac and Totem Wind Design speakers. Using gen 5 super cables.