Magnetic Footers

There are so many tweaks in the audiophile world that sometimes you just wonder is my music really improving with the tweaks.  I have added the Synergistic Blue Fuse to my Raven Amp and have pasted all the connectors and speaker cables.  I have upgraded power cords and cables.  Now it has been suggested to me that I should add magnetic footers to my Amp and Lumin X-1.  They range from $1,000 to $4,000 for a set of four which is not chump change.  They range in size from 3/4" to 1.5"'s tall.  Supposedly the taller the footer the better.  Is there that much better sound between the smaller ones and the larger ones?  

I am looking for feedback from people who own these to tell me their experience on sound and what they added to their musical experience if anything at all.  My 65lb Raven Amp sits on a solid quartz counter.  The two footers I was looking at were:

Alto Extremo New Flex Magnetic Absorber feet
Critical Mass System Center Stage Footers

Is it real or snake oil and why?

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Springs are cheaper and better. Alternatively, you can build your own magnetic footers. It’s not rocket science. 🚀
Not all good tweaks have to cost money. Generally the best don’t.

How is that?

Well, the best tweaks which are more ’intellect applied to the given scenario’ rather than ’expensive little bits of whatever’....are sought out by the manufacturers of gear themselves, as they can use such things to add value to their own production of finished product.

It’s one of the key ways of ’winning’ the retail product wars.

If one was to think that manufactures of amplifiers, DACs, source devices, speakers or whatnot don't appreciate effective tweaks, I can tell you the exact opposite is true. They seek them out with a vengeance, and work hard to discover and apply such things as this where cost vs return can really play out.

And the tweak can be anything at all, a part, a chassis design aspect, a circuit mod or change - anything at all.
These 2 feet are wonderful will improve imaging,bass,stage and dynamics.They are not a snake.
Thank you fsonicsmith for your recommendation.  I purchased 8 of them for my Raven AMP and Lumin X-1.  Wow the difference, was incredible.  I don't get it but I don't care.  It was well worth the $200 and it saved me over $3k from buying the ones I was looking at.  I answered my question....they are not snake oil!
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Thank you Kosst. You all need to wear copper bracelets for your arthritis.
The only reason to put your amp up on anything is to improve ventilation under the amp. Cereal boxes will work for that. Magnetic feet? $1000?
That is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Save the money for a new cartridge or better yet spend it on music. The cable thing is bad enough but this is pathetic. And I thought the pharmaceutical industry was bad. 
I made my own magnetic levitation stand 25 years ago. It’s not rocket science. 🚀 

Speaking of the pharmaceutical industry somebody might need a little medication.
@willgolf-   KUDOS(for experimenting and trusting your own senses)!    Enjoy the improved presentation.