Magnapan MMG and Scott 222

Will this work?
I would not use a small tube amp on the MMG's less than 35 watts per channel. I have read that some individuals in the forum had been using 16 watt triode amps on their MMG's. Just last week a guy had a pair of 40 watt tube amps on the 1.6's.

I'm using a 35 watt modified Dynaco Stereo 70 to drive a pair of Magnepan MG12QR's. It actually does a wonderful job driving them. My room is only 13 x 14 feet and I have the system placed on the short end of the room. I also have 2 ASC tube traps in each corner. My biggest challenge is that my Stereo 70 is rather ripe, fat, bloated, call it whatever you like but it's to fat for my liking on the bottom end. So I have a set of filters that plug into the input my tube amp and it rolls the MG12's off around 40 to 50 Hz. This allows the Stereo 70 to drive the Maggies with less of a load and the Stereo 70 does not have to produce any deep bass allowing it to do justice to the upper bass, midrange and top end of rhe MG12's. The midrange is very clear and open as well as detailed. I have a Dali S1.2 that I just got yesterday (Saturday 3/29) and it does a wonderful job from 40 Hz down to 29 Hz. It blends very well and has the speed to match the Maggies. It is a sealed system and there isn't any bass bloat or noise coming from the ports and into my room. It appears I have found magic with that combination.

Since you are using an integrated amp I'm not sure you can do what I am doing.
You amp puts out about 25 watts and that in a small room would be good to very good if your integrated is electrically solid with all the critical parts upgraded. If you are in a room bigger than mine you may have a few issues and maybe drive the amp into clipping.

Based on everything I have been told and what the manufacturer reccomends the answer would be no to driving the Scott 222 and MMG's. But will the amp drive the Maggies and sound pretty good; the answer is yes. I also had a 150 watt high solid state amp. It stayed in my system for about a month or two and I sold it. All of my audiophile friends said the Dynaco sounded better than the High End Solid state amp.

My system:
Van Alstine Super PAS 3si (Vanalstine design not Dynaco), Transition Audio Design interconnect 2 meters, Dynaco ST 70, Kimber 8TC 5' pair, Oppo 980H DVD with Scott Nixon tube DAC, Systemdek IV TT w Rega RB600 & AT OC9ML II, Rotel phono and DB Systems Phono along with the Dali S1.2 Subwoofer. A very modest system but very very musical and detailed I think!
If you buy a pair from Magnepan you get a 60 day trial. If you buy from Audiogon for around $350 to $400 you will surely get your money back if you don't like them. No lost but much experience gained. It's a risk worth taking.
I have had speakers from $500 a pair to $5000 the past year and the Maggies are by far the winner among them all. Alot of it has to do with your room too. Soon I will place my virtual system on Audiogon.
Don't be afraid to try the Maggies. You won't loose anything by buying a pair. Warning if you like your music very loud you WILL need more power.
Dear Ponnie,
Thanks for your response. I actually have the MMG's and I love them. My room is about the same size as yours, and on the bright side. I only listen at moderate levels to classical and jazz and occassionally to classic rock.I am currently driving the MMG's with a NAD 50 watt receiver with surprisingly good results. My intention is to pass the receiver on to my daughter as I upgrade.
I have purchased the Scott 222c but it has not arrived. It's been "moded" by Mapleshade so it does reportedly put out 25 watts.
I also have a mid price NAD CD player which I'll pass on to my daughter, a Furman Elite 20 power conditioner, A PSB sub (also going to my daughter) that will be upgraded to a REL T-2 sub. Audioquest Bedrock speaker cables , and Blue Racer interconects complete the system. I have also purchased a Scott 350 tube tuner that has not arrived.
Thanks for your help. When the amp arrives, I'll post the results.
Id be interested in hearing the results. I have found that the more power the better with MMGs- but do recognize that small amps can sound quite nice as well. I used a 70wpc KT88 integrated for a while.

I now use 300wpc on my MMGs- which was a major improvement over 200wpc from the same manufacturer. But at the same time I am looking to be able to produce box speaker like dyanmics- which can be done with this kind of power.

I am tempted to try a smaller amp again and re-weigh the trade offs. Maybe even a pair of the little trends T amps.

I'm waiting for the 222c to arrive. I'll need new speaker wire,and interconnects so it may be awhile before I can post results. Stay tuned!
It works!
This is a Mapleshade modified amp, so it puts out a little more than stock,
The sound quality is very good with an overall warm quality, and very good detail.
The room is small, (12x12), and on the bright side, with hard wood floors. There's plenty of volumn but I typically listen at moderate levels.

I have had 2 different solid state amps in my room and neither actually played much louder than my ST 70. The differences primarily was in bass solidity. Since I posted my response I have purchased a Dali Suite 1.2 subwoofer which is sealed and it has blended in with the MG12's much better than I ever thought. I'm rolling my Maggies off on the bottom end with a pair of filters designed to do just that around 40hz to 50hz. I have my sub set right in between and as I said it blends nicely.
The Stratos 150 w amp was a little bright compared to my ST 70. The other was a 100 watt amp vintage 80's and it was a little more brighter than the ST 70. I upgraded my cable from Kimber 4PR to 8TC and the highs are sweeter the there is less of the highs. Cables can make a pair of Maggies more or less listenable depending on the amp. So I"m now looking for a pair of speaker cables that don't roll off as much on the top end. I will keep you informed. But the ST 70 is doing a great job in my room. I'm also thinking of getting a Muse 100 to use on the Maggies. I like the sound of the Muse but I don't know how they would sound on the Maggies.
Try anticables or 12-20awg solid core copper magnet wire. (cheap at ratshack) It works great.

I use 12awg which is the same as anticables but some other guys on the Magnepan useres group seem to like 16-18 guage.

Good stuff.