Lyra Delos Rebuild

I have a Lyra Delos with a broken cantilever. Lyra claims that they cannot rebuild it. They can only exchange it to the tune of $1395.00. Has anyone had the Delos rebuilt by someone else? TIA. 


Have a Look at the VAS NY Inc Facebook Pages.

I'm sure you will discover enough to give you confidence that the Lyra will be well looked after whilst being assessed for the potential repair.

If you would like additional options on a Styli, Joseph Long might also be worthwhile consulting with, I recollect he has shown work undertaken on Lyra Models.

Soundsmith will also repair your Delos but the only way to guarantee the performance you are use to is to exchange your Delos for a factory unit. I have busted several cantilevers over the years. It is an expensive mistake but it is the risk you take when you use these cartridges particularly the ones with naked cantilevers. If you can not afford it you would be safer with a cartridge that has a user replaceable stylus. The other option is to use a Soundsmith cartridge as they have much less expensive rebuild prices.  

Ball park some costs $450 + for a new stylus and diamond,

brand new exchange $1395 doesn't seem to bad with a guaranteed

 sound your familiar with.

Soundsmith replaced the cantilever on my Lyra Lydian B and I like it better than the original.