Luxman M 10x

Just heard the announcements that these were due to arrive any day now. Anyone taking delivery on a Luxman M10x or thinking about it. Would love to hear your thoughts. Im looking to replace my Krell 403B and leaning towards Luxman, Constellation or the venerable Dartzeel 108.  My gear:


Nagra tube dac/classic powersupply

pink faun

rel carbon subs

Furman power conditioner

Melco Network filter


I am thinking about replacing my Mcintosh mc462 with the Luxman M10x. If I were to do that it'd be without listening to it. My dealer, would have to order it and have it shipped to the store.. 

Forgot to add, I am driving Magico A3's with the Mcintosh mc462 now.. Not sure if I am thinking right to switch to Luxman..

Hello, Greg here...I'm getting 2 of the new today...I had the M900u..and I know my speakers well......I know what the differences are....may take a bit of time to reach an opinion...thx  G

Just received mine a few weeks ago. I owned the M900u, Rowland 625s2, and Mcintosh MC611 amplifiers all in the past 2 years. The M-10x is by far the best amp  I’ve owned and significantly better than any of the previous amplifiers I have mentioned. The M-10x excels in bass and low noise floor over the previous M900u it replaced. In a world were many have over priced their products the M-10x is underpriced if you were to base its price on cost and performance. At $20,000. not cheap, but its greatest strength is, it doesn’t make you want more;  not too many amplifiers under $50,000. and not to mention $20,000. can actually lay claim to that.

@hiendmmoe I have had my M10X for a few months now.. everything you have said rings so true.. I am so glad to have swapped the Mcintosh 462 with the M10X.. 

@rman9 I'm a JC1+ owner and have read a few direct comparisons. Anyone able to weigh in on similarities and differences? I am tempted to get the M10x with hopes of a second in mono.