Luxman 509x or Simaudio 600iV2 with mágico A3.

Hi, I would like to hear from owners and members who owned A3 what is their experience on the right amplifier search.




I have owned a Luxman L-509u powering Verity Audio Parsifal Ovations speakers and more recently a Luxman L-595A integrated amp.  I own a Sim Audio Moon transport and have looked at some of their amps but have not had any in my system.

The Luxman build quality looks to be at a higher level than Sim Audio.  Not that Sim Audio is bad, just that Luxman is more refined.

I had the A3s with the 509x for a while. It is a good pairing. I never felt the amplifier was wanting in any way. It has good bass, is dynamic and somewhat exciting (not boring at all) and has good sparkly highs. I used Nordost cables with this pairing, fwiw.

I also had in my room with the A3s the JRDG Continuum S2 integrated, and also Primaluna 150 w/ch monoblocks.  These both were boring with the A3s. 

I had 590 before and wasn't my cup of tea.

Is it the 590AX or 590AXII? The latter is reported to be noticeably better.

Yes I meant Hegel 590.

I tried with several speakers and was dull power no finesse vs Luxman and moon.