Lumin X1 and headphones amplifier: what to do ?


I sold my Pro iDSD DAC/Streamer and bought a Lumin X1.

Unlike the iDSD there  is no headphone output on the Lumin.

I own Focal Clear headphones.

So I have to purchase a headphone amp.

I have seen ´´Analog only ´´ amps : Single Ended  /  XLR in and XLR out only.

I have seen amps. with balanced connections and  a DAC included : USB , Coaxial , Optic..

Lumin X1 rear panel

The main Lumin utilisation will be for music playback with my Acurus ACT4 via balanced input.

On occasion, I will use my headphones.

Is it possible , the good sound of the Lumin not to be altered ( colored ) by headphones amplifire , if connected with XLR cables only ( input and output ) ?

 if I use the midend DAC ( digital inputs )of an  headphone amp. , will I miss something from the Lumin on a sound stand point  with my  headphones ?

I must underline tha the USB and  digital audio  on the Lumin are output only.

Any one , have suggestions on how I can get the best of both units ?


I forgot to mention that I use my Focal Clear headphone with a 4 pin 
balanced cable.
The headphone amplifier must has this feature.
There are several analog-only headphone amplifiers that accept XLR inputs and have 4-pin balanced XLR headphone outputs, such as those you linked to. I would recommend sticking with that approach as you've stated you want to keep the analog output of the X1.

That being said, the additional feature you probably want is some way to pass through from the headphone amp to your speaker system. As the X1 only has one pair of XLR analog outputs (unless you use RCA for a second set of outputs and switch between the two when you are switching between headphones and speakers—but I think you'd ideally want to avoid that).

Two units I'm aware of supporting what you're looking for, that also provide an exceptionally clean signal path without coloration, are the OPPO HA-1 (discontinued but can still be found) and the Bryston BHA-1. Some people prefer to get the BHA-1 in a "low output" mode for the rear outputs, as the normal output level is too high for their speaker setup.
Many thanks.

I will take a look at the Bryston  BHA-1
My dealer, who sold me the Lumin also sells Bryston.
I don’t know what you mean by ´´low output ´´ mode.
I not very technical.
And yes, I prefer my system  to be all balanced.


If you read some of the posts in the AudioCircle Bryston BHA-1 thread (linking directly to a relevant post) you'll see that the some people order their BHA-1 in a "low gain" configuration, because otherwise the XLR output on the back is too high/loud for their speakers. In the default configuration, they had to turn the BHA-1 volume knob very low otherwise their speakers were too loud.

Interesting informations
I understand now ,what ´´low output  ´´ and ´´ low gain configuration ´´ are  all about.
I have never figured out that , Headphones amplifier’s selection could be that  complex.

I have a Lumin  T1 and you really can’t run the balanced and unbalanced outputs both connected. Must be one or the other. Not sure if the X1 is the same or not. Best to check on the Audioshark site, the Lumin designer (Wklie) is a regular on there and very helpful.
Thanks for the information about Audioshark site.
I have registered and I am going to try to reach Wklie.

I am wondering if I would  have been better of , buying the Matrix Element X instead of the LuminX1. I have read that Tidal , Qobuz , 
etc , will be implemented with a futur firmware updates.
The headphones  issue would be solved.
Audiophile  regrets usual.


I can confirm that with the LuminX1 , you can run unbalanced and balanced output at the same time.
I have purchased Pro-Ject  Head Box  DS-2 B   Headphone amplifier.
Max wave,
good to hear. I’m sure the X1 will be amazing for you in both setups. Cheers
Pro-Ject  Head Box  DS-2 B   Headphone amplifier  bypass  section 
does not add  any sound coloration to the LuminX1 . I am very satisfied  about this feature.