Lumin T1 vs. SimAudio Moon 280d

T2 T2 not T1
Who wins? Why?
(let’s all assume they are using their internal power supplies, and their internal streamer. And let’s all assume it will be controlled by Roon )
@tuberistI’m saying if your gonna purchase one or the other today, which would you choose and why. You choose the lumin, did you look at the 280d ?
Andrew, I considered Auralic, Aurender and Lumin. Went with Lumin because of the Lumin app ease of use even though I now use Roon. I bought without auditioning in person but my audio dealer knew my taste and we discussed the different sonic profiles of each mfg. The Lumin T2, is a spacious sounding, detailed and dynamic player and I wanted a one box solution. Its DAC is very good IMO.
Comparing those two, I would go Lumin.  Lumin has been designing and building incredible streamers for quite some time now... Simaudio simply wants a piece of the pie.  Go with the experts.
I currently own the 280d. I auditioned the lumin t2 over the weekend. The lumin was a little more analog-y and a little more detailed, but not much. 
I want a big step forward from the 280d
I’m going to try a metrum ambre endpoint w a schiit yggy or t+a DAC8 or..... 

PS audio direct stream.