Lotus Harmonic Enhancer by Tombo Audio

Lotus Harmonic Enhancer by Tombo Audio

Here is a prime example of "don't judge a book by its cover."This curious-looking device, properly placed and isolated from vibrations, makes (especially) the top end and mid range of reproduced music both smoother, and more refined.The Lotus conveys a very natural presence to voices and instruments. 

If you are someone who regularly denigrates new approaches to sound improvement, go at it. Just admit that you can't hear what I am hearing, much less offer an informed opinion, if you have no personal experience with this device.


Who cares if the design looks like a polished art project from a third grader?All I care about is the sound, and feeling that the money I spend is creatinga more enjoyable listening experience.

I have the Synergistic Research ART system, a full complement of HFTs, and an FEQ Atmosphere.In addition, there are two excellent Schuman Resonators on shelves at the rear wall, and three business card-size SR devices on the front wall behind and in between the speakers.

With the Lotus placed on top of the FEQ (which sits midway between the listening chair and the speakers, in the center of the room), I hear a noticeable improvement in bringing the music "into the space."  As if I am closer to experiencing the sound that was created when the music was recorded.

People who like to post here, demonstrating how little they know, and how they are privileged to make judgements without any experiential basis... let your arrows start flying. You can't touch me, and your words will never detract from what I am hearing.


These kind of devices 'ring' frequencies. This why you are u need to experiment or tinker with it because you don't know what outcome you will get. I too use HFTs. They are pretty effective in my room and I have pretty good understanding of how to placed them to get desired effect. This lotus device most likely alter sounds coming out from speakers but whether or not better sound would be highly subjective. I was interested in Meow but still can't see how it can change the sound for better.