Looking to identify a cable. How do I load pictures?

Please let me  me know. I have tried but to no avail
you don’t.

this is Audiogon and they don’t do pictures on threads (and are one of the only hifi forums (audioasylum being the other) that won’t allow pictures on forum threads except for system listings).

you can post a link to the picture, but that requires a photo hosting site with a url you can post.

suggestion; choose another hifi forum that does allow pictures. there are many. and helpful members of those sites that will try to identify your fat cable.
Are you thinking of Audio Circle or some other site? Audio Asylum does facilitate pictures on their forum threads, I just posted a picture to a thread last week.
If you are a member at audioasylum, then go to their cableasylum site and post a picture of the cable.  Their moderator Duster is quite knowledgeable and is usually able to help with those identifications, or somebody else will - usually.
You can create a "virtual system" showing your gear on Audiogon.  Even if it were incomplete and only included a photo of your mystery interconnects, that should serve your purpose.  
You also can post your image on a site like imgur.com and put a link to that image in your post here or on other audio sites.