Looking for information on movie scene music

Anyone out there able to help with some information on the following:

From the 1981 movie "THIEF" starring James Caan. There is a scene where James Caan goes into a bar and drags his wife outside. During the bar scene there is a group playing a session. Can any kind soul who knows the scene let us have any details of the group, title of the music they were playing, etc.

We know the overall theme music for the movie is by Tangerine Dream, but the music in this particular scene is not theirs.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Richard

Have you ever used Gracenote ( http://www.cddb.com/ )the cd data base? Its not a retail site but just a music search engine that has almost any album and group ever recorded. You can search by song, album, or artist. Does the music have words? It will even attempt to match some words to the name of a song. good luck
richard: the "soundtrack" has only the tangerine dream music (which you probably already knew). -cfb

Thanks for the feedback. Tried searching several sites to no avail. Already have the track listing for the Tangerine Dream soundtrack but in this particular (cafe/bar) scene a small session group is playing and it certainly doesn't look or sound like TD. Also only had a brief glance at the end credits to no avail.

Thanks again, regards, Richard

Take the DVD or Laserdisc if there this is one and burn yourself a CD from that scene.
richard: your post intrigued me sufficiently to test my internet search skills. here's what i've found thus far:

(1) the movie was originally released in 1981 (not sure in which countries) under the title "violent streets";

(2) the bar in which the band was playing was called "katz & jammer";

(3) the group playing in the bar was called the "mighty joe young band." (a group with this name has several cd titles available on amazon, etc.);

(4) members of the mighty joe young band (or the actors playing them) are/were thomas giblin, willie hayes, conrad mocarski, benny turner, william l. petersen and steve randolph;

(5) aside from tangerine dream, the only other credits for music were give to craig safan.

at least it's a start. hope it helps. BTW, i really like this movie and the soundtrack, particularly on japanese vinyl. -cfb
Now this is what I call a trivia question. Almost makes me want to rent the movie. Could you maybe hum a few bars?

cfb - you are the man..! Problem solved. Thank you very much for your research skills. Now to locate that vinyl..! Once again, thank you all.

Regards, Richard

I'm going off topic for a minute. I was out and about today looking at music titles. I have seen Tangerine Dream on the rack before but can honestly say I am not familiar with their stuff. I picked up their greatest hits album/cd and just now plugged it in. Very unique so far. You know I think I like it. It's a little like PINK FLOYD without Randy Waters (Did I really say that?)
Good job so far CFB. Now would someone please name that tune!

Enjoy the new found album Glen! The nearest I can get to the track in question appears to be on Mighty Joe Young's album "Live at The Wise Fools Club", track is "Turning Point" (there is also a studio recorded track on another of his albums which sounds totally different to the live version). Now I'll have to get a copy of the movie and check just how close..!

Regards, Richard