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Aleph Owners - Temp issues ?? 90F
I live in Tucson, Az and use my Aleph 4 (500 watts continuous) all the time. Its worth it, its so sweet, smooth and fast. I bought a $12 110v whisper fan that sits on some padding (to make sure its quiet) which sits on a brick behind the amp, to b... 
PS Audio power plants
I've been running a P600 for over a year and love it. My Pass Aleph 4 (constant 500 watts) is the only piece not connected to it. I have my projection tv, Proceed MDT, Proceed AVP, satellite receiver and tivo all connected. I think it makes the tv... 
Used Vidikron 2C...Should I or shouldn't I?
I've been looking at various projectors as well. Is it the Vision 2, 8" CRT projector? That seems like a very low price if it is. BTW: those older CRT's only have RGB inputs for HD signals (component inputs being an option) so you would need a sca... 
are nbs cables neutral?
I have NBS Statement Interconnects and Professional speaker cables (these are from the older line, but at the top) and I think they are exceptionaly neutral. MIT and Transparent have electronics in them, so THEY MUST THROW AWAY some part of the si... 
sub connection-Pre-out vs Second spkr binding post
I agree with warrenh: you want a sub pre-out. Otherwise, using internal crossover of a sub (if it has one) requires you to run your main left and right signals through it (just what you don't want to do is run your main signals through more electr... 
Optical Vs. Coaxial Digital - Which Interconnect?
you should look this up in the archives. You'll find many threads. All the high-end companies recommend coaxial connections, but there were a few people writing in that claim optical sounds better. Remember that the signal has to be converted to o... 
Best Concert DVD
No one mentioned Roy Orbison's "Black and White Night". Although its not in color its a stunning concert with many great muscians playing with Roy. The sound is excellent.Also, Eric Clapton's 24 Nights is very good. 
Levinson owners, what cables are u using?
Tara Labs "The One" 
HDTV antenna
edesilvahey, thanks for the link about antennas. thats very informative and even tells you when the different networks are going to offer hdtv over the air.michael 
OT: Windows XP Update Service Pack 1
Well, I'm definitely not a Microsoft fan, but I did install the xp service pack when it came out and my system works fine, all apps and the network. I just went to the Shields Up site that Sean suggested and found that my system is in full Stealth... 
Dylan News
thanks for the info. We have front row center tickets for his concert here in Tucson on the 25th. I'm really excited. 
Power Conditioning, Regeneration and Cords
I have everything (including projection TV) plugged into a PS Audio P600 Powerplant, except my power amp. It makes a very noticable difference. It really quiets the systems and reveals more detail. The TV looks clearer with slightly truer colors. ... 
Looking for a great XLR Digital cable
myoussif: yes, sorry, I forgot Transparent doesn't do the electronics on their digital cable. They probably tried but lost too many bits. 
REVEL Sub-15 / LE-1 or AERIAL SW-12's.........
I have the Revel Sub-15s and they are truly amazing, so much like real concert bass. (And I have been to The Who, Chris Isaak, Eagles, Bonnie Raitt, CSNY, and Eric Clapton this year.) 
plasma versus lcd
I saw the Zenith 61" plasma last week and it was impressive. They were selling it for $16K.