Looking for a DAC change

Right now I'm using a Wavelength Audio Cosine DAC in my headphone system. It's partnered with an Electrocompaniet EMC-1 as transport; I'm using this because it's what I already had, it makes a good transport and to keep as a backup CDP. The WA Cosine is a zero-sampling filterless tubed DAC. For the most part I really enjoy it, especially with headphones. However, my one complaint is that it sounds a little slow and undynamic. At times it's just doesn't draw me into the music. So I'd like to explore a few other options. Based on what I'm looking for do you have any recommendations for DACs or even one box CDPs I should demo? Something very smooth yet dynamic with good energy. I could be very happy with the WA Cosine, but the dynamics issue keeps cropping up in my listening.

I thought of the Chord DAC. For one box players I've tried the RA Opus 21 and it's great, but sounds more electronic than the WA Cosine and is not as dimensional. I also thought of Naim, but may have the same issues there, though the dynamic drive would increase. The EMC-1 is fine too, but I prefer the Opus 21 over it. I tried the Reimyo DAC, but would prefer not to pay that much (less than $3500). Please feel free to make any suggestions.

Anyway, thank! Happy listening.
What power cord did you use with the Opus? I tried it with a Shunyata black mamba and it was one of the sweetest CDPs I have heard. The Waida 861 basic was better, more refined sounding. The Chord DAC 64 is an excellent DAC and it will sound clearer that the Electro CDP but the Electro will still have one of the widest soundstages. You also might see if you can find a Tube Technology DAC 64 also. Then there is always the excellent Audio Logic 24MXL which is better than the Wavelength in all areas.

Happy Listening.
Based on what I see of your impressions so far (which seem to parallel my own), I would suggest you try any of the Audio Note DACs that use 6922 tubes or perhaps the one-box audio aero offerings. Both are quite musical but still well-balanced...

hope you enjoy them,
I actually have an Audio Note DAC in my main system. I've tried it with
the headphone system and it accomplishes what I'm looking for, but it
also is too forward for headphone listening where it comes across as
truly in your face. So I'm probably walking a fine line here, looking for
something more than the WA and less than the AN. I wonder if tube
rolling the WA would help with what I'm looking for?

If possible with one box players I'd like to avoid top-loaders. I'm sure
the Audio Aero would fit the bill except for that.

Bigkidz, I've often read that the Wadia is on the clinical side of things,
but there are also a few comments I've that say it's warm and musical.
What is the fundamental sonic character of the 861? I have heard with
my own ears powercords make an improvement with the Opus 21.
I use a Chord Dac 64 with the EMC as a transport with great results. The DAC 64 replaced a Kora Hermes II.
The 861 is one of the best one box players that I have heard. It is smoother, more refined, more relaxed and just about equals the Opus in dynamics (I think the Opus may be too much but I did not live with it too long term to get a better handle on it). The Wadia was not clinical at all, as I have heard those comments too. I also had the Accuphase DP-77 which I thought was overall boring but then again there was another Agon member who loved it, but not me especially for the price.

I would try the Audio Logic DAC, it is very real sounding, excellent dynamics, excellent separation of notes and voices. I preferred the Chord slightly over it at the time but I did not get to roll tubes in it either. They were very close. The Wavelength was not nearly as good because it lacked the dynamics and lower bass output.

The Opus needs a good power cord to make it smoother and more refined, the Wadia really did not need a better cord to sound better, the cords just slightly changed the sound mostly slower/thicker or clearer sounding, depending on the cord.

BTW I also had the Electro DAC with them and it was a bargin in its price range very wide soundstage, great deep bass, nice details, but it just did not sound as real as the Audio Logic.

Hope this helps.
The Electrocompaniet does not make a good transport. You can do much better. The internal DAC is fed by the same signal as the S/PDIF jack - not a good design. I have modded these and made them the best transports I can (perfect waveform, perfect impedance match etc..) and the Sony 7700 still beats it hands down.
Just to let you know I bought a demo for $3100 and think it was the best money I have ever spent. Wonderful product and worth every penny.