Levinson 432/436 turn on 'pop'


I purchased a few Levinson 432 stereo and 436 mono amplifiers. All of them seem to have the same 'pop' when I switch the amps on/off. It's especially bad when turning the amps on, my woofers extend outward fully for a few seconds, I'm worried it could be damaging my speakers so I just keep the amps on all the time for now.

Does anyone know if this is normal for Levinson amps or what the issue could be? I wouldn't think all 6 amps would have the same problem. Maybe some issue elsewhere in my system could cause this? I'm also using a PS Audio Premiere power conditioner.

I really don't want to lug all six 100+ lbs amps to the repair shop...

I also want to note that I'm using RCA connectors, found out that the missing XLR shorting pins between pins 1 and 3 might be causing this. Tried to short them with a wire tonight, but still getting the 'pop' at turn on/off.

I keep my 432 in standby mode and have a trigger from my pre turn it on fully. There is often a very minor pop but nothing like you descibe. My pop is very quick and is at a low level. Can you try standby mode and turning on from there?
my 432 is also always in standby mode and like Dtc, just a faint/fast pop is all i hear. "woofers extend outward fully for a few seconds" doesn't sound anywhere near normal imho.

i think you may have a problem.
IMO, its MLs.My bro was a dealer for them and dropped the line due to constant returns,repairs and unhappy customers.Its somewhat common knowledge or should be ML has had build issues over the years.Just my 2 cents
Charlie: a faint tick is much more accurate for me as well. good call as pop really didn't describe the sound i get either.
You are right, not really a pop. I would describe mine as more like a little thump. Lower freqency than a pop. But, clearly, quick and benign.
Pop is happening when I go from standby to on or sleep to on, tried all the turn on configurations including a trigger. Just to note, I'm using a McIntosh MX-132 preamp.

Tried making some homemade XLR shorting straps between pins 1 and 3, pop is now gone when I turn on the amp but is now more noticeable when I turn off the amp. It does not fully extend the woofers, though.

I have 6 amps and they all do the same thing, which tells me its something else in my system. Also, since the homemade shorting strap had some effect, I'm hopeful thats the issue and a stock shorting strap might fix the issue.

I'm also hoping to find a XLR preamp or even use the XLR inputs with an RCA to XLR adapter. Let me kniw if anyone in LA has an XLR preamp they would like to part with.

Thanks for all the help,
HAve you tried powering the amps directly from the wall socket and avoiding the power conditioner? Very few conditioners can handle the demand that high power amps place, especially the peak at turn on.
Yup, tried that still to no avail. Gunna order some Cardas shorting straps and an Integra DHC-80.2 with XLR outputs...

Did you solved this issue? I have the same exact issue running unbalanced IC. No pop if I disconnected all IC from the amp.

Did Cardas shorting straps solve it?