Led Zep Fool in the Rain

I recently posted a thread on “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” mainly due to its iconic drum lick so thought I’d follow up with this one — another iconic drum part I really enjoyed learning. To be honest, when this song first came out I was disappointed and scratching my head cause it was so radically different from all their prior work. As I matured I realized it’s an awesome song, which is why I endeavored to eventually learn the drum part.  And it’s a shuffle for those not familiar with drum lingo but with an interesting twist with an open hi hat hit on the and of 1 that really gives it its iconic sound. I later learned that, for some reason, Led Zep never played this song live, and since I can’t find it live anywhere I’m starting to believe it and why I’m just copying the production version here. Still well worth listening to IMHO, but wondering if anyone has any insights as to why they never played this song live? Anyway…



@ibmjunkman She’s so damn impressive.  If I’d nitpick I’d say she needs to work on the fills and 7-stroke rolls, but that’s little stuff and she gets the important stuff right including the all-important feel of the groove.  I’ll tellya what as a drummer I found particularly impressive — on the bridge when you’re playing quarter-note triplets on the ride along with bass drum and snare you’re also playing 2 and 4 on the hihat.  That is NOT an easy combo to pull off and she seems to do it almost effortlessly.  MOST impressive IMHO.

Well, not Led Zeppelin, but I'll throw it out here, somebody might get a kick out of it.


Fool In The Rain (J. Bonham)

Rosanna (J. Porcaro)

Babylon Sisters (B. Purdie)


Yes, these are all half-time shuffles. I remember learning this groove in my 30s, specifically Rosanna. When you figure it out...you can spot them on the radio when they show up here and there in modern pop.


Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears For Fears) is the same f’ing groove! My drum teacher at the time had me learn this to prove a point.

It appears to be a drum machine...but it plays well on a traditional kit. I quickly learned to appreciate the versatility of this groove.


Great topic! I'd like to lean to play the shuffle! Lately I worked on the groove from the catchy tune in the movie Whiplash. It's a lot of fun!

@vuch I’d encourage you to find some videos and learn a shuffle as it’s one of the most fun beats you’ll play.  Listen to songs like “Home at Last” or “Reeling in the Years” by Steely Dan, “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zep, or “Rosanna” by Toto among others and you’ll hear the cool groove.  It’s tricky to learn at first like a lotta things in drums, but when u get it u get it and can have fun with it forever.  Just do it!  

Whiplash was awesome BTW.  Loved the scene at the dinner table where they’re fawning over this division 3 football player but are in the presence of one of the most accomplished drummers in the country.  Sad.  Drummers get no respect.  What pissed me off about that movie was none of his family members ever bothered to even come see him play.  What’s up with that???