Leaving my amplifier on ok?

Would it be ok to leave my amplifier on all the time if I want to extend the reliability of the amp? Many amplifiers ar Class A, high current bias and tubes might be a problem if energy consumption is a factor. Not to mention Excessive heat from bias operation. Is it possible to extend the life of the amp with leaving it on all the time?

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I let my Sansui alpha S.S. amplifier "on" all the time...

Why ?

Because i dont like the switch button working at all...It is the only thing i can fault about this amp...

The amp never become very hot anyway with headphones and always ready... I read many people experienced long time working of amplifier which are always "on" and no problems... And i trust soix experience .. 😊

I hate the button way of working with a scintillating light for 20 seconds indicating it is ready...For sure it is a relay protection time and it is good... But i prefer not to touch it... And my amp is always ready...I listen music each day at least 2 hours...

My sound quality , it is ectasy each evening, is so good i did not know if i will not coming back to listening few time after beeing switch "off"... It is very hard to stop listening... Then i prefer it ready...

Anyway i am already 72 years old... If it let me down after my death because of that habit i dont care.. 😊


Speak to your Home Insurance and Amp's Manufacturer.

I'm sure the Insurance will happily payout for electrical fires when a Fridge or another White Goods or the like has a malfunction that results in a fire, and there is plenty to suggest it has been cared for as the Manufacturer Suggests. 

Taking advice of a forum on such matters of such unimportance can easily leave one without a home and no Insurance Payout to boot. 

It is the individual holding the insurance policy, who has a responsibility to act in accordance with how the Insurance Company deems good practices are being followed. Unpaid claims are regularly found in conjunction with abnormal practices. 

Leaving Laptops 'Permanently' Charging and then unattended, is known as a cause of fires in premises', the Insurance Companies are known not to pay out when this is a cause of a fire. 

Today leaving a Laptop Permanent Charge, might not be considered abnormal to the regular user. Leaving it unattended whilst charging for a excessive period is probably normal for many.



I have never heard of an insurance company not paying because of the reasons you state, do you have some examples?

Further, I’ve never heard of an audio component bursting into flames and causing a fire.  But whatever.