koss portapro vs grado iphones

I've been using the koss for 20 years and do like them but was wondering if the grados are any better , bass or comfort .
Own the PortaPros and they are okay. A bit muddled in the mids, bass is sloppy, but hey for $50 it works. I've not listened to the Grado iPhones, must be better. I spent a lot of research on an iPod phone and settled on Sennheiser 238s. The real deal with great bass, open mids and highs and real comfort. Larger for sure, but great cans.
Here's a link for you to a dealer I go to. Shoot him an email or call him. It's pretty much his specialty and he won't steer you wrong. And no, **I DO NOT WORK FOR HIM**. He has done some demos for me at his place and I've made some purchases. Very professional. Will give you all the time you need to ask any questions or figure out what you want.

You'll have to be specific that you are using an iPod.

Drew Baird @ www.moon-audio.com

Good luck
i've owned both, as well as the very similar sennheiser px-100. they're all quite good and very comfortable (though some may prefer a plastic headband to metal one on the koss), but i end up prefering the portapro--better build, a tad more life/dynamic slam and deeper bass--plus koss gives you a lifetime replacement guarantee. at the street price of $35, i think they're one of the greatest bargains in audiodom.
Are IEMs an option? How important is portability? Aesthetics? I use thr HiFi Man RE0 and Shure 840 for iPod use. Both are excellent and, to me, an improvement over the PortaPro and iGrado in terms of overall sound quality.

The RE0 is an IEM and the 840 is a closed can. Though the Shure is not as portable as the Koss.