KEF Corelli SP 1051

It probably has been a long time since I posted in/on Audiogon. I guess I am still an audiophile. I have ranged from AR3a speakers to Acoustat 2+2s to a 2C3D with a complete Avalon/Spectral/MIT/ASC system. [ my review from 2004-05 might still be active here] But circumstances beyond my control have forced me to abandon a true audiophilic system. Though I did after many years reaquire my Acoustats and some of my older Spectral.  But in my retirement move to FL the moving company virtually destroyed the Spectral DMC-10/DMA-50 M and destroyed the transformers on the Acoustats.........sigh....

Anyway,  I decided to try an purchase some used gear.  There was an older gentleman who sold me in almost mint condition the KEF speakers and Marantz 50 watt integrated.  Both were in mint condition.  For my still very large CD collection I purchased a used Yamaha CD player.

The KEF Corelli speakers came with the T27 and B200 [lightweight] drivers in a chipwood enclosure with vinyl wrap.   What is unusual was it was sealed rather than ported like many of BBC LS5/~ types. 

I was going to hook it up with some older MIT cables but why not try something new?  So I purchased on Ebay, a set of GearIt 10AWG OFC speaker cables and interconnects.

Getting used to the "new" system did not take long to appreciate it.  The midrange was perhaps not exactly electrostatic-like but was pretty close The highs reminded me of the Avalon Radians with their Titanium tweeter......while sort of.....The lows for Jazz, Chamber music, and pop like Steely Dan were better than expected. I could cliche it and say it was not one note bass. Soundstage and imaging were good but not off the charts. The handoff between woofer and tweeter was in my view outstanding.

To go beyond, say 93-95dB is a waste of time.  Confusing and not very pleasant.

For ~$500 bucks, totally worth the effort to purchase and enjoy music again



I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying your vintage system now, but I can't help wondering how the Spectral and Acoustat gear was packed, and why the moving company didn't compensate you for the damage.

The moving company did pay. It is pretty easy to damage the Spectral gear when dropped from a pallet 30 feet up.  Acoustats my bad.   You say vintage.  I just say at 90dB it is a very coherent speaker especially over most 3 way speakers.  I have to laugh as I said "older gentleman".  I am not sure he was that much older than me......../ As an aside the BBC did decide to use the KEH drivers in their LS3/~ and LS5/~ designs. All the Harbeths, Rogers, Stirling, Graham speakers are based on the BBC designs.  Falcon is reproducing these drivers: T27, B110, and B200. Falcon is also  producing speakers with these "vintage" drivers made with mylar and Bextrene!  Someone is selling an original mint Rogers LS3/5A for $15,000.00 on EBay........

Sorry KEF.  KEH is the place you can buy used photographic equipment.

Perhaps over the last twenty years, I have become more of an artist than an audiophile.

BTW....the Acoustats were originally partnered with ARC SP-8 and D-115.2; then I went to the old Cherry Hill Audio in Philly and fell in love with Spectral.

Dave Wilson did an audio review of the DMA-50 and called it "grease lightning".


I think that you're referring to Chestnut Hill Audio. I lived in Philly for years and was in that store many times.

Why not go on eBay and buy a pair of Vandersteen 2's? The older versions are excellent! They will sound way better than those KEF box speakers!

Sorry again....Chestnut Hill Audio.  Did you ever get up to Sassafras and Bryn Mawr Stereo on the Main Line?? Sassafras had the Acoustats and Maggies, Bryn Mawr had the Apogees with Krell

The Acoustats and ARC came from Sassafras, as well as,  my VPI HW-17 [?] and my first CDplayer, Mission 14-bit with oversampler [ maybe the first?].  Well before cables and interconnects became more important, my setup with the Acoustats were monster sized Monster cables......