Just discovering i/o.

Just found Peter Garbiel's new double album i/o. I've always liked Gabriel but do not own any of his music. The cassette tapes are long gone!

Anyway, I have been listening to this album for a few nights. On Qobuz hi-res (and CD quality for that matter) it is sonically spectacular. Production quality is excellent. The concept of two differently engineered versions of the same songs seems like it could be nothing but a gimmick or a swindle but is well done and well received in my opinion.

I don't find many of the songs to be catchy but there are some. They are more introspective and orchestral than catchy pop tunes.

For me, I find this album to be CD worthy. When I really like something I get the CD. Same with books. I like to own the good stuff.

Interested in other people's thoughts and criticisms both from Gabriel fans and those who might be new to his work.


Hmmmm. Just looked up the dynamic range measurements on the CD and they are dismal. Among the lowest I've ever seen. They are a little better on the hi-res download but not much.

The DR is excellent on the Blu-Ray Atmos TrueHD recording but I have no idea what that is (I'm pretty much just a  two channel guy). I do have an Oppo Blu-Ray player. I assume I would not get Atmos 'effects' but wondering if I would still get the good DR if played on the Oppo.

On the other hand, if the DR I'm getting through Qobuz is the same as the CD then it might not matter. It does not sound overcompressed to me on Qobuz at all.

Would greatly appreciate any input on this. Thanks.

Can't speak to the digital formats, but the double LPs sound very good, with excellent dynamic range.

I have the "dark version" on vinyl. I felt like something was missing as far as my  connection with the lp emotionally.