Just bought a new DAC...

Well I just purchased a DAC to use in conjunction with my Airport Express. Based on some good reviews and it's reasonable price I chose the Musiland MD-10. I've never used a DAC in a system before, so I'm curious to here what type of difference it makes. Does anyone out there who has used the Musiland have any impressions of the unit to share?

I'll post my impressions once I receive it and have some time to listen.

Happy listening!

I've had a musiland for 3.5 months now and use it with my Squeezebox. It comes close to my Classe CDP1.5 CD player when I play lossless music files and in many ways is more analog and less dynamic. However, it is much better than I expected.
I've been considering the Musiland MD-10, too. One thing that's made me hesistant is the LCD screen. It looks pretty bright. Is it distracting?