Jitter reduction devices

I have a very good, but older trans/dac combo and I am considering inseting a jitter reduction device such as a Monarchy DIP or Genesis Dig. Lens between the two. Do these devices always improve sound? I have heard in some cases the give all recordings a certain sameness. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any thoughts, comments, or recommendations are welcome. BTW my components are a Meta Research Laser 1 conntected to a Timbre TT1 Dac via an Ensemble Digiflux rca cable.
I've used Monarchy DIP 24/96, GW-Labs DSP, Altmann JISCO, PT P1A. In my opinion, they did make a difference, but not a remarkably appreciable one. And the "difference" in sound they made was not necessarily an "improvement." I ended up selling them all except P1A. PT P1A yielded the best improvement, but it is not a simple jitter box.

So I'm a bit skeptical about how these jitter boxes can improve one's system, but, as always, YMMV. I guess your best bet will be getting a Monarchy DIP or GW-Labs DSP from AudioAdvisor and see if it helps. If not, they have a generous return policy.
I have not tried any of the devices mentioned above. However, I have been using an Audio Alchemy DTI 2.0 and a DTI Pro for several years in 2 different systems. I have tried several different dacs and transports and have always preferred the sound of the system with the jitter reduction device included. The degree of improvement has varied from subtle to significant, but this depended on the quality of the transport and cables being used. The DTI Pro was much more effective than the DTI 2.0, even just as a jitter reduction device.
Pro 32
Ultra Jitterbug
This is the best to last in rating. I had 2 '32's and a Lens at the same time.
I use a genesis digital lens. Used they are cheap and I feel are worth the money. It is a tweek and its not going to be the equvilant of a speaker upgrade but they do make a difference.

Intially I had a problem with it popping all the time but that was due to mismatched digital cables with the lens. Buying better digital cables eliminated that problem.
I use the monarchy and feel it smooths out the sound, my buddy tried one and he feels it takes something away. Could be system dependent?
I tried the Monarchy DIP 24/96 between a CAL Delta and Bel Canto DAC-1 (with two coax Cardas Lightnings). I preferred a single Cardas cable without the DIP as I found that to be more musical, but then I prefer a mellow/tube sound to super definition.