Jays Lab Streaming Digital v Vinyl

First time a live stream comparing Digital v Vinyl -And what appears to be a clear winner for vinyl..

Jay's $120,000 DAC   v   Kronos TT  $42,000     $80,000 Buys a lot of high end LP's 


And even clearer if he had used Origin Live Voyager S. Although honestly my $10k Sovereign/Enterprise rig would do. 

Another digital vs analogue thread. That's ok if you would please provide more information instead of a blanket statement.

OK, what?  You watched a _digital_ live stream and somehow were able to determine that a turntable sounded better than a digital source.  Alrighty.

Try sitting in a well treated room listening to a well put together system with a Jay's transport and DAC and then let us know what better vinyl system you can put together for less.  I'm not sure what DAC you're talking about, you can get a Jay's DAC and CD transport for well under $10K.  I've heard it and I'll wait...