ISO Acoustics Modular Aluminum stands...

With the recent popularity of the ISOAcoustics Gaia footers for speakers, and my looking for a lower than normal stand solution to sit on some maple slabs, I was thinking about this Modular Aluminum System... Great user reviews and feedback for this system in the pro-audio sector. But what about for hi-fi? 

Has anyone tried them with their hi-end speakers or know someone that has???

Listening to classical  music on my desktop set up right now. The stands let me angle the speakers upwards. The speakers are solidly mounted, while at the same time unable to carry vibrations through the cabinet to the desktop. I also use on under my center channel. 

I'm definitely going to get some for my main stand mounts in my living room to improve the listening angle. 


Thanks for the response Erik. I, too, use the ISO-L8R”###” series stands under my desktop speakers.
I am more wondering about the “Modular Alunimum System” for larger speakers.
My speakers are large 84lbs. hoping someone has experience with this larger system on larger speakers and can comment.