Is this getting personal?

So I just got a PM from this entity called “Audio2Design”. Since I cannot post screenshots here, I will copy/ paste:


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From: audio2design (Richard Richard)Mar 30, 2021 2:58am

I have taken screen shots of all your childish antics and name calling on Audiogon.

I know where you work. 

Keep those things in mind. This is to make you think twice about acting like a total ass all the time.


Are personal threat allowed here?


I read what you posted above and see no physical threat to you. Not explicit, not implied, nothing. Why you think that someone would go to any length, beyond a few keystrokes, to get you is beyond me.

I just see that someone told you he has had enough of your less-than-classy behavior here and now you are whining.

I suggested you take a break and you continued making fun of me. I am disappointed, but not surprised, that you could not see this coming. Enough becomes enough at some point. A couple of days ago, it became very clear that you were sliding into becoming truly unbearable.
Glupson: insulting strangers in an audio forum and heated exchanges about something that practically has zero importance in life (you do it too, admit it) is one thing, and physically threatening someone is another thing. I am disappointed you are unable to see the difference. 
Hmmm, the one with no manners and who insults others often now complains that someone told him it is enough of that non-sense. That is a sorry situation.
He’s been weird for the past five usernames of him 😂😂

I have to say, being weird is fine. There are plenty of weird people around. Harmless. But this crossed the line. Reaching out to me and threatening me with “I know where you work” is hostile and implies physical altercations and harm.
That member has been weird for a long time. Oops! I better watch what I say...
I already did. I also talked to the legal at my office. I will report him to the police first thing in the morning. Pretty sure they can track him down via the IP in Audiogon. He is now going on a tirade via PMs, and threatening. This is serious 
You begin perhaps to see the wisdom of my policy of putting certain people on a list and then having nothing to do with them. This individual contributes nothing but rancor and vitriol and should have been banned long ago. These communications are threatening, intimidating, harassing and profane. Notify admin, he should be banned for this. Meantime I hope that you and everyone else will simply treat his posts as if they do not exist. 
And here is the follow up after I told him to bring it on:


Remember, I do know who you are, in your lower class townhouse, in your lower class life, in your lonely little space on your own. You can't even figure out some basic physics, you don't have the intelligence to worry me. However, again, you may want to consider your behavior. I do know who you are, and if I sent what you just sent me to the Police in your little corner of Maryland, I am sure you would be getting a knock on the door.