Is the Adcom GTP-750 any good?

Hello all, I am new to the site and looking for a little assistance. I have come across a new GTP-750 from a trusted source for $550. This is my first pre, and while I don't have a lot of cash sitting around, I do not want to buy something I will regret. If anyone has any experience with this unit or any knowledge I would appreciate the advice.
Thanks, Matt
For $550, you're getting a terrific buy. I have spent a lot of time listening to both the 750 and 760, and both represent good value for the money. Since the 750 sold new for just under $2k, you could buy this unit for about 25% of the original price, use it a while, and sell it for about $750 if you don't like it. With an arrangement like that, I don't see how you could go wrong. By the way, The Perfect Vision had a review of the 760 by Tony Cordesman last spring -- it may have been the April or May issue. The 760 is essentially the same unit as the 750, but with 5.1 channel DVD / SACD inputs added. Cordesman gave the 760 a pretty fair write-up.
Both the GTP-750 and the GTP-760 (and other adcom stuff)have been selling on Ubid for $220-$400 for a while now.
GTP-750 for $220 - $400? I don't think so, unless there is something wrong with it. Most are selling over $700. New, the GTP-750's were about $1300 w/o any discounting. A good GTP-750 for $550 is a bargain.

I own one and its a very decent preamp for the money and you'll be hard pressed find better in its price class. I could live with mine but I prefer the sound of my tube preamp (but it's much more expensive). I'm not selling my GTP-750 though.... Its a keeper!
Trusted source + GTP 750 + $550 = purchase IMHO. Good sound, excellent value. You may even keep it after upgrading, as Abecollins!

The Adcom GTP-750's mentioned above that are selling on Ubid are refurbished units. Also, currently there is a $489 bid on one and that does not meet the reserve price. Considering you would have to pay more than $500 for a refurb. unit from Ubid, I think your deal sounds good. I would caution you to verify that the one you are purchasing is factory A stock (new) and not a refurhished unit. If new, go for it.

Thank you all very much for you help. I went ahead and purchased the unit this morning. It was brand new sealed in its box, and I was assured that it was A stock. I appreciate the advice.

A lot of times B stock is just A stock with a shorter warranty period. Manufacturers' sometimes use Ubid to clear out overstocks and older models, which I guess the 750 is, now that there is a 760. Unless you get a transferable warranty, Ubid may be better.
The 760 isn't anything like the 750. They are totally different products. The 760 is a 5.1 channel tuner/preamp with digital signal processing for home theatre. The 750 is a basic audiophile quality 2-channel analog preamp. So the 760 does not replace the 750. Just a clarification. ...Abe
abecollins, you've got it wrong! The Adcom GTP-750 is NOT a 2 channel analog preamp. It is in fact a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital surround sound audio/video processor. Otherwise known as a pre/pro. Know what you're talking about before posting!
i think abe was talking about the gFp-750, not the gTp-750. the gfp is the two-channel preamp that goes for ~$1300 and was stereophile class A. the gtp is, as mentioned, their home theater pre/pro.
Settle down there Mikey boy! Abe made an honest mistake. Besides, if anyone was in error it was Mtalk for posting an HT question in the amps and preamps discussion group. He should be asking his question in the "Home Theater" discussion area. So ease up, pal! We're all here to help eachother....right??
I have a GTP-750. I am getting a HUM for some reason when I hook up the ADCOM 5800... I know it is not the amp because I did a test my tech. told me to do.
So with said has any body gotten a HUM from using the ADCOM GTP 750?
I will read your comments...
The GTP-740, 750 and 760 have a nasty little problem burning up the rectifiers. I have replaced all of the rectifiers on my 740 (I believe there were four of them) on the power supply boards and it worked perfectly (sold it off) - no hum and gets rid of the irritating dim display problem too...

I just bought a GFP-750 (easy to remember - GFP as in Great Frickin' Preamp) since it is a Nelson Pass Designed Balance pre, very much like the Aleph P...
Hi John,
  Can you tell me the rectifier parts you used to replace the GTP 740 burnout sections?