iphone/itouch 2.0 software release

with the introduction of the new iphone along with the 2.0 software release for both the touch and iphone, you can download a program for free from itunes that allows these 2 devices to remote control a central itunes on a mac for a whole house audio setup. it gives you the capability to use the same GUI of itunes to pick your songs along with selecting which apple tv or airport express device you want to use. if you were thinking about getting remote buddy or another piece of software to control your itunes on a mac, check this software out. so far, it works flawless. there are hundreds of other apps that you can now download to use on these devices.
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The app is great I use it in My I Touch as a remote to control a Mini Mac I Tunes music server. I downloaded it yesterday and just set up the Mini Mac 4 days ago so everything seems to work fine this is so cool.
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Will this work using a PC on itunes. Documentation indicates it will as its done over wifi, but has anyone tested it to validate?
Tvad, which version of the Itouch are you using. This looks like a great idea, I'm just curious if you need the full 32gb version to get the best out of the Itouch in this application. You're accessing music stored on a hard drive I presume?
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Downloaded it last night. Wow. Much better than Remote Buddy. Thanks for the info!
I've having trouble getting remote to play more than one song at a time unless I select shuffle. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions?
Can someone expand a bit? I have contemplated using an Apple TV in a system that has no room for a screen or monitor. Can I use an iPod Touch to control such a system, and in particular, will I see my album art, playlists etc. on the Touch?

I went to the iTunes website and couldn't find a discussion of this software, so a link would also be appreciated.

Sounds like an ideal solution except for the lack of web radio, Pandora etc.

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with an apple tv, you can download music from the central music server (mac with itunes) the just use front row to view the selections with cover art. you don't even need the touch or iphone. just use the little remote that comes with the device. the other benefit by doing this is you get a multi source setup which you can play different music than from the central music server. or you can just pipe the itunes from the mac thru the apple tv.
Quick question: Anyone know how to set up an Apple TV using the iPod Touch instead of a HD TV? My second system has no room for a monitor/screen and I am hoping to install an Apple TV using only the Touch.

Hi everyone... slightly off-topic request but has to do with the iTouch-MacMini interface using Mocha VNC Lite on the iTouch and Chicken of the VNC on the Mac... if this works, you can play Rhapsody, Pandora, etc. from your iTouch... I just started a thread under PC audio regarding this and my problems with connecting through a ATT wireless firewall router... your thoughts and help are appreciated. The ease of music without having a monitor/screen in the room is a nice thought imho!
Just got my Touch on Saturday and its great! The best surprise was that there is a newly released application that allows you to access Pandora wirelessly on the Touch. It's not the perfect solution, but by using a docking station for the Touch with a mini plug to RCA cable, you can have Pandora access. Way cool.
i'm using the VNC Lite program on my itouch to start itunes if i don't have it up already or if i want to access my mac remotely. if you want to listen to itunes in a remote part of the house and itunes isn't started, then the "remote" program on the itouch won't do you any good. so start vnc lite, start itunes on the mac, then use remote to control itunes.