Interconnect Recommendation?

I am looking for a recommendation for a cable between my Bryston B-60 preamp out and my c-j Premiere 11A. My budget is $300 or less used, for a 2.5 to 3m length. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
try for their silver lace interconnect 2.5m will run you $309.95 with a 30 day trail period and free shipping if ordered online.
I have to second the recommendation for the HomeGrownAudio Silver Lace. I recently installed a pair between my Bryston preamp and Bryston 4B-ST amp, and I am VERY pleased. I do not think there is a better buy in high-end interconnects than HomeGrownAudio (
Try Wasatch cable works. BIG open sound stag.And vary natuaral sounding.Price is most EXCELLENT.The speaker wire is EXCELLENT to.
Try the cableplex cables for sale on ebay. custom cables at a great price/performance ratio. My whole system is done in the cableplex Sig. and it was an awsome upgrade over Kimber Hero's.
Also consider Lat Internation. Excellent stuff without the fancy name, exagerated claims, and high prices. There top of the line stuff will be around 300.00 though for silver-fused with copper interconnects.