Integrated recommendation for Revel F30

Looking for used integrated amp recommendations that would mate well with Revel F30 speakers. Budget is up to $1,500. Cabling is Mogami W3082 and W2539 interconnects. Source is a Theta Miles CD player. I stream using an HRT iStreamer and my iphone/ipad. My room is approx. 12x16.
I have a pair of F30s. I used them primarily with a Mark Levinson 383 integrated, but even used, this is out of your price range I think. I've also used them with Parasound electronics and they sounded great. I'd recommend looking for a used Parasound HINT 5 which you should be able to find around $1500. 

You could also look at the Parasound New Classic 200 which is in your price range even new. It's not quite as good an amp and is lower power than the HINT 5, but depending on how large your room is and how loud you like to play your music, it should be sufficient to power the F30s.
i suggest a hegel... get a used one that fits your budget

they are excellent sounding and can cope with the low impedance your revels present to amps

no affiliation, just a happy hegel user (after going through many many many amps)
i agree with jaytor--parasound + the f30s have a great natural synergy. yamaha as1000/as2000 would also be good.
Thanks for all the good suggestions guys. I’m currently using a Naim Supernait 1. It sounds good, but I’m not sure it’s the perfect fit. Although I’ve read several times that Naim naca5  speaker cable is the correct cabling for Naim gear. The mogami w3082 I’m currently using sounds good, but I think it may be a little too “rounded” in the midrange for this gear. Btw, anyone heard of Primare? Would the I30 integrated be any good?

the primare i-30 is excellent... truly excellent, among the best solid state sound i have heard and i have been through many many many amps ... i am listening to mine now...

but the i-30’s date back a few years, they are getting old - if you get one make sure it is good shape and works with no issues - primare as a company has moved to class d output stages since the i-30 and they don’t sound as good...

if i were you i would opt for the h160

hegel sound is better, somewhat more refined, than musical fidelity, in my opinion
As an experiment try a solid core copper cable no larger than 20 gauge (I'd try 22 gauge if your speaker cable lengths are 12', or less).

This can be purchased as hook-up wire @ many online sites on the the WWW.

I've only used Michaell Percy (sp?), but it's readily available @ different venders.

Anyway, try something inexpensive as an experiment.

Doing so may flesh out the LF's of your setup while retaining the mid/HF's.

If it sounds better then look into better solid core cable.

Cool speakers that would probably work well in our living room as I generally roam while listening.


jsbach1685 OP
Integrated recommendation for Revel F30

Being 87dB >50w is good, all amps that are happy all day seeing 4ohms, will be fine with these speakers. Except for tube SE’s, unless they are more than >50w @ 8ohm and have a 4ohm tap which will drag that 8ohm wattage down.
My suggestion is to look for a Gryphon Diablo 120
Nice used one across the border
Cheers George