Integrated Amplifier for KEFLS50's or Bowers & Wilkins 706 S2's

Trying to decide what integrated amplifier with AirPlay 2 to buy for use with either the KEF LS50’s or Bowers & Wilkins 706 S2’s.

Considering the new Arcam SA30 or the new Hegel H120 but my location makes demoing very difficult. Anyone with knowledge or experience with Arcam’s SA20 or SA10 or Hegel’s Rost, H90 or H190 integrated amps?


I own both LS-50s and the Marantz PM7000N. I can't say enough good things about the PM7000N. It is the best value integrated amp on the market, IMHO. It works, it sounds great, Heos is decent, and I voice control my system with an outboard Amazon Echo 8. It has adequate power, and it's slightly warm character matches well with the rather analytical KEF. For $1000 or moren, you won't find better.

I think I’m going to get some ls50’s at the current 900 price and pair them with marantz pm7000n streamer amplifier for what should be a nice sounding budget office system to replace powernode2 and NHT c1 
Hi, yes my friend is, unfortunately, trapped in the iOS environment for all his media. Pretty sure he's happy with the air play performance, otherwise I would have heard about it. I can ask him tho.
My desk system is an H160 with a pair of 707s2 (which are less sensitive than the 706) and think it is perfectly fine. I have only compared it to Classe 70, NAD 314 and Lamm/VAC combo. My impression of the Hegel is that is very even handed through the frequency range, avoiding distortion especially in upper range. It is unoffensive, somewhat polite tone, although I would not call it recessed. Even though the 700 range could be described as a little soft, I like the match. The dial source selector is slightly annoying, but the rest of the design and the volume control is great. It lacks color and vividness, especially the preamp section compared to a Lamm L1, when I tried it in different configurations in the living room though a pair of JBLs. 
hefph -

Thanks for the response.

I plan on building a 2.1 Channel Audio/Home Theater system around the Hegel H120 or Arcam SA30 integrated amp. The goal is to create a system where I can listen to “HiFi” quality 2.1 audio through streaming, vinyl and CD’s and where the left and right channel speakers and the subwoofer also provide the audio for TV and movies. Will your KEF R5's and Hegel int amp be used in this way? Or are you using a AVR with multiple speakers like a 3.1, 5.1 et?

Also will you be able to demo the Hegel int amp and which one are you considering?

realremo -

Thanks for the info about Hegel. That is helpful. Do you know if your friend uses Apple products (laptop, iPhone or iPad) in conjunction with his Hegel Most int amp?
I have read tons of recommendations regarding pairing KEF with Hegel. I have the KEF R5's for home theater, but plan on getting a Hegel integrated amp soon to pair them for music.
My college roommate, whom I've known for over 25 years, and who introduced me to this rabbit hole of a hobby, went to RMAF with me a few years ago and heard the LS50s for the first time. We were both really impressed. He recently re-entered the home system market after working outside of the US for a few years and getting completely into the high end headphone space, and of course he bought a pair of KEF LS50s because his space is limited and they are amazing for the price. His amp selection after multiple research trips to RMAF and dealerships across the middle east and Europe was the Rost. This is not a guy who settles for anything, he buys new and takes his equipment very seriously. So this is a big vote for the Rost or at least Hegel. 
As for myself, I have heard Hegel multiple years at RMAF and have never been disappointed. A detailed description of their proprietary amp tech from one of their reps at RMAF made me a believer, I don't think you can go wrong with this brand.