Innuos with wi-fi

I am using Innuos Sense with a Zen MK II. DAC is Ayre QB-9 Twenty.

!> I see a gain control on the sense app, but it does not appear to affect the volume. Should it, and if so what setting am I missing?

2> I may in the future need to use this set up in an environment with only wi-fi internet. Has anyone successfully been able to use a wi-fi to ethernet adapter, examples?


I use an Eero mesh system with one of the Eero nodes in the listening room and an ethernet cable to the Innuos. It works great

My innuos pulse mini is at 100% and the selected dac controls volume output, either to amp or pre-amp.

Some dacs have filter settings where the dac volume control is “bypassed”(?) and is 100% and that is for use through a pre-amp. (Ie, gustard r26 dsd direct)

I absolutely hated wifi.. media converter at router, run long lengths via fibre optical, then media converter back to ethernet and a, very, short cable to innuos.  Only spent about $100 and the sq clean up is great.

+1 @jperry Get a mesh system and run a good Ethernet cable from the node to your streamer. 

Let me give additional background to my question. We are starting to visit retirement communities in anticipation of having to move within a few years to an independent living apartment. This will require a drastic downsizing of my stereo system, with the Zen as the basis. The first community we visited furnished internet access though wifi with no ethernet wiring. I an not installing any internet system. I just need to know if I can get the Innuos to function with an adapter. Thanks for any help.

Probably don’t want to setup any streamer directly on a public wifi connection.

I’d look into the wireless client connect, dhcp on lan side over ethernet cable to in apartment devices.


Not sure how mesh works in this situation, but with a Wi-Fi extender you just need to plug it in near the apartment’s router and link them together, then you should be able to plug the extender into an outlet near your system and run an Ethernet cable from it to your streamer and all should be well I’d think.  That’s what I’d do. 

Thanks @soix, that's what I was assuming, and I don't anticipate streaming other than radio unless Innuos eventually adds the Amazon Prime Music stream.for which there has been no news for a while.

I may explore creating a secondary wireless node for extra security if I can ever figure out how.

You should do a free trial of Qobuz.  It sounds better than Amazon and will work with your Innuos.  It’s only like $13/month with an annual subscription if you decide stick with it.