If you had to narrow your choices to 4 - 5 speakers

To listen to at the upcoming Axpona, in the 10 - 20k range driven by a great solid state amp which ones would you search for? Yes understand listening conditions and room setups can make or break a system but just trying to narrow some choices. Thank you.


I like to be surprised by relatively inexpensive speakers ie not more than $10-20K:

Spatial Audio


Zu Audio


But I gotta say if I were at Axpona I'd be very curious to hear Acora given all the buzz.

Thanks all for the suggestions. I've already, and was close to pulling the trigger on some JA Perspectives, and still might. But since I've decided to go to Axpona I'd thought I'd hear from this forum. I believe the Acora's usually show only their very expensive speakers but will at least hear them. 

Thanks again.

I'd visit the High Water Sound room and listen to whatever speakers they have brought.  Pretty eclectic and not for rock, but to my ears, the sound has been breathtakingly natural, which I attribute to their love of music and their skill of matching components,  Kind of off the corporate path.


there are a few amazing new reference loud speakers 


Borrenson new x3 11k heard at last show  sounds like a 20k loudspeaker

new kef reference 3 meta 15k 

alta audio adam 18k 


Dave and Troy

audio intellect nj 

Kef borrenson andAlta dealers

Vandersteens driven by their own amps.

The Scanspeak room with the Ellipticor drivers.

Fritz, which always sound good even in horrible rooms.