I Think I Will Build nCore Amps

I'm thinking it's time to jump into the DIY pool for these amps. I have almost nil experience; I can solder, but they look pretty basic to build.

I've done a fair bit of searching, so if anyone who has built them would like to share the "insider info" on the parts/build, I would appreciate it.

It seems I need the following besides the NC400 and SMPS600 pairs for mono amps:

XLR female chassis connector
Speaker binding posts
Mains inlet
Mains switch

I assume I can simply swap RCA chassis connector for XLR and wire it accordingly. No? Yes?

I'm looking for high quality parts, not limited by budget. My goal is the best result sonically, not the cheapest.

Links to good, solidly built chassis? Looks like I will need pre-drilled for the ncore elements.

I appreciate any leads, walkthrough links, photo build links, and warnings what to avoid on the build!

Finally, a question: Has anyone found a method/plan to build ncore monos which utilize both XLR and RCA inputs? Can this be done on the NC400 platform, or would I need to build two sets of monos? TIA! :)
Nope; changed my mind, and for very good reason - nothing to do with the company or quality of nCore, but for a very different reason which will be revealed in time in an article. :)
Ooohh, very interesting. Doug, an audio buddy here in Chicago has an ncore that he'd likely be happy to bring up for you to hear in your system. Drop me a line if you're interested. Good guy who would get a kick out of hearing your setup.