I agree with the comments that Zach at ZMF Headphones is the “Rock Star” of the HP world!

After watching that fellow on YouTube with the many, many headphones raving about the ZMF Aeolus I was convinced that the ZMF Aeolus was THE hp I was going to buy. At $1500 it was affordable and seemed like a slam dunk. Well, I was thrilled. It turned out to be beautifully musical, warm and natural. I had tried several others and the Aeolus just sounded right. I listen through a Berning MicroZOTL amp to only 16/44 DC sourced from a Theta Compli transport and a $20k 3 Dimension Audio DAC. The latter, though not well known, is similar to the $80k Audio Note Japan tube DAC. After some time with the Aeolus, I was so impressed I sold them and bought the top line ZMF Verite Open for $2500. Maybe not the last word in performance but that ZMF rightness combined with incredible detail. And now, with a couple of hundred hours on them, their performance is many percent even better! Zach’s current masterpiece. Sure there are several super headphones at a super price but the Verites are my last headphones. A Rock Star? I would say YEA!
..just wondering why you ordered silver cables.  Have you heard the difference they may make?
His is a wonderful and welcome success story in high end audio. I own the Verite Closed and am absolutely thrilled with them. Overall, to my ears, they even outperform the fabulous HiFiMAN HE1000 version one (which I've owned for 5+ years). Can't say enough good things about Zach.  
I had tried several others and the Aeolus just sounded right.
Man, that’s the key with finding any audio component. Lots of things sound good or even really good, but when you find the one that just sounds “right” to you it’s a truly great and incredibly fulfilling accomplishment — and even more so with the Verites.  Congrats, and enjoy!