How to get more volume from my HI FIman 400se phones

I purchased a pair of HIFIMAN 400SE Phones im using with a 38w Yaquin tube amp with no headphone using an IZEN dac/headphone jack...The phones are 25 ohm...I get very low volume at full gain...Anything i can do short of replacing the headphones?


Headphone audio is like room audio. Every aspect controls the output you hear. The electronics must support the output device. Headphones need amplification that supplies the clean, natural signal and raw power, more importantly the current the headphones require. Yours clearly require lots more power.

Given your investment level… assuming you want to stay in that range you want headphones that are easy to drive, that require very little current. I’m sure lots of folks here can recommend some. Or you can get a much higher quality headphone amp.

You can see my headphone system under my UserID if you want to see what a great sounding system can look like. Yes, that is all for just powering headphones.



If you care at all about headphone sound you want a dedicated headphone amp you can drive from one of your preamp outs. You can get more efficient headphones, but if they’re decent they’ll be greatly hampered by driving them with your DAC as its headphone section is an afterthought at best. You’ve got some very good headphones there and would be a shame to let them go, and they will scale up and reward you significantly with a decent dedicated headphone amp — BTW, I’ve got both the HE400S and Arya Stealths so I’m familiar with the brand. I drive mine with a Singxer SA-1 Class A headphone amp and it synergizes extremely will with both my Hifiman ‘phones — plenty of power, big, outside-the-head soundstage/imaging, great natural tonality, and excellent detail yet never harsh (unless it’s a bad recording). It retails for $599 but there’s one available used for only $360 that you might consider depending on your budget.

You will need another pair of interconnects, but they needn’t be that expensive (especially if you buy used) and maybe you even have an unused pair lying around somewhere as many of us do here. Anyway, hope this helps and best of luck.

Thank you friends!..I had an idea of exactly what you both advised but wanted to make sure...Im grateful!.....I used to own Grados and Sennheiser 414 which i loved..( i wanted to maybe stay with a closed ear system....Both of these were very efficient without a headphone amp AND sounded great per my system investment ,which is on the lower end.....i also  have a cheap pair of audio technica phones that play loud  but leave me with massive earaches....Again,thanks for advice!