How Long Should a First Watt SIT3 Last ?

I'm fairly certain my Quicksilver Monos are kaput. Im thinking maybe I don't want to mess with the troubles and uncertainties of  tubes. Im considering getting a used SIT3, but how long should they Last considering the internals are no long available if I encounter a problem?

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Unless the transformers are bad, everything else is likely an easy and reasonable fix. I am not stating you should invest money and time into them, as that is up to you....However, I went the solid state route years ago, and have never looked back. My best, MrD.

Thanks guys....

Let me start off by saying I have had tremendous trouble with Tubes this past year and  I'm sure I vented about it all here on the Gon.

As for the specific Block we are talking about today, it has blown two tubes and red-plated two tubes during this time in addition to all the other problems I had. Same Block, two different sockets.

This morning I fired everything up and as soon as the pre finished its wakeup a virtually new tube had a spectacular blue firework show with noise to match....only one tube. I shut everything down and installed new tubes.....dead.

I have not opened the amp....yet.

With all the trouble Ive had, part of me wants to leave tubes to the younger crowd. Now granted, these mono-blocks are quite old and I should expect them to have to be rebuilt at some point and it would be stupid to just quit on them, but Dang! As you know, the worst part about tube failure is not the failure itself but the waiting for it to happen again.

I suppose, considering First Watt,  what some people think sounds like tubes may not be what I think sounds like tubes.

My first thought was, great, now I have an excuse to get some QS horn-blocks, but I looked today and they are no longer being offered. That's when I thought , "thats it, time to move on."

I obviously should have them looked at,  anyone have a recommendation for repair guy in MLPS?

Any other thoughts.


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Give Mike Sanders at QS a call. I’m sure he will fix them at a reasonable price. It will cost you a lot less than buying new amps!