How do you find old French radio opera recordings on 78 RPM?

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Thanks


Sorry! There a few classical radio recordings that I am looking for. 

One specific recording that I know exists and is probably digitized is from Radio France, June 1935 Thursday 20-June-1935 Symphony concert by the National Orchestra, conducted by D-E Inghelbrecht. (Specific detals below) I am just not sure where I can find it. But it is out there. 

My search for Radio France archives for that time period hasn't led to anything, but there is apparently a huge collection of Radio France recordings, just not sure where to look for that specific recording and time period. 

I am trying to find a specific archive in France where it might be located. Not sure whether these programs were ever digitized. 

If this isn't a forum where people would know, maybe someone could direct me to a other sites. I guess this is the kind of thing that few people would know about

I should probably try French forums dealing with old classical forums., using Google translate. 

Thanks so much!

Details for recording

Translation In English

Thursday 20-June-35

Symphony concert by the National Orchestra, conducted by D-E Inghelbrecht, with Yvonne Brothier, Friant and Claude Got: Obéron, overture (Weber); Pastoral suite (Chabrier); Works of Alfred Bruneau: L'Ouragan, Le Rêve; Virginia; the child king; The attack on the mill; Messidor.

In French

jeudi 20-juin-35

Concert symphonique par l'Orchestre National, dir par D-E Inghelbrecht, avec Yvonne Brothier, Friant et Claude Got : Obéron, ouverture (Weber) ; Suite pastorale (Chabrier) ; Oeuvres d'Alfred Bruneau : L'Ouragan, Le Rêve ; Virginie ; l'enfant roi ; L'attaque du moulin ; Messidor .


You are welcome.


Was the recording you seek in the CD set?


I have a fair number of older French "popular" music LP's, but nothing "classical" and nothing as old as the recording(s) that interest you.



Search goodwill bins, and other used lp shops.

We will spend hours sifting through the garbage opera , classical, Polish polka, chipmunk Christmas lps. To find a handful of good rock, or other stuff.

Hit a goodwill, or thrift shoppe, they have tons of stuff,

we did find a very rare LP set of the Partridge family box set, valued pretty high, but upon praying for shiny, or even VG cond, I was rewarded with dull, scratched records, could have had a high dollar collector set, but the big guy was not listening that morning. The LPs looked to have been cleaned with an SOS pad.


did find 4 still sealed Elvis Records. I’m sure they are not rare, but still sealed?, yes please. They are still sealed.