How do you change a belt on a Sota Cosmos

My belt came off while listening to an LP yesterday, so I got out my manual and tried to decipher the meaning of the instructions. They lost me with reference to the pump box???

How do I put this belt back on?

Nrchy,I assume you have the new COSMOS.Right?If you do,take off the little plate on the left of the table,near the motor(above the power switch).It is held on by velcro and comes off easily.You will see the belt,supported by the platter,and capstan.You can easily take it off,but putting a new one on may require you use something like a Q-TIP to hold it in place as you slip it back onto the capstan.Make sure you keep tension around the platter,as it can slip off,if you are not careful.This is all very easy,once you get the hang of it.
Good luck!
I'm past that, I have the armboard off, the dust cover removed, but the belt is still stuck under the platter and I can't get it out without removing the platter! A design flaw?!?
Hmm,I cannot understand why the belt would be stuck under the platter,unless it rotated and got caught up on something.I have had belts,on older SOTA's last ten years(literally)without a problem.There is no need to take off an armboard,under normal circumstances,but I understand your situation.This can be quite frustrating,but will work itself out.
Of course this is of NO help,so why not call KIRK,who is a super guy,and get his advice.Don't get too worried,as I am sure there is an easy solution.
Best of luck.
I had that happen to me once on my Nova Series V. I fiddled with it long enough for it to get unstuck. Not sure exactly what the problem was and it never happened again so I guess I was lucky in that respect.
Pardon me if I am no help but can you get to it thru the well for the lead shot? I just replaced my arm and I thought it was pretty open......maybe you could see what needs to be free'd up.