Hinged Dust Cover for VPI Scout

Has anyone come across a hinged dust cover for the Scout? I've been considering purchasing a used VPI Scout for a while but I'm reluctant to deal with a big hunk of acrylic that I need to move somewhere every time I want to listen to a record. 

I know some folks just leave a crappy record on to protect the platter from dust but I worry my house has too much lint floating around. 

I've also head of people using a scarf or other piece of fabric but my TT is smack in the middle of the living room and I don't think my partner would go for something that didn't look pretty tidy. 

Any ideas?
Now's your chance to develop one and market it.

It's not that big of a deal to lift it off and place it in the corner of the room. You're already making the effort to put the record on the platter.

If you could somehow glue the older Rega style plastic hinge receiver end to the back of the Scout and glue the other half to the cover you're in business.
As the Scout is a non-suspended sub-chassis table, bolting a big dustcover to the plinth is a not good idea, in theory at least. Lots of Audiogoners don’t even like a dc bolted onto the base of their suspended sub-chassis tables.
Thanks guys. I was sort of imagining a plinth with the cover attached to that. I guess that would be a pretty huge cover at that point. 

As a recently minted dad I'm learning how to do everything one-handed but lifting a big cover off seems like a stretch.