High quality headphone cables - HiFiMAN HE-400i

I just picked up a new HiFiMAN HE-400i headphone set with the 3.5mm connectors. While the supplied cable seems adequate, as with all things HiFi, I’m looking for a more robust, higher quality cable set. Does anyone have any suggestions?
The HE400i is a SUPERB can!They were my first high end headphone & I have compared several cables on them & also direct comparison with several more costly headphones from Quad,Audeze & Sennheiser.
I found that cables didn’t really make any REAL difference.While there was a SLIGHT difference in several areas I can not say for sure my brain wasn’t making them up..
Where the 400i’s REALLY showed HUGE improvements was between Amplifiers.Most amps are designed to drive higher impedance cans like Sennheisers.The 400i & most all Planar cans are very Low Impedance.They like an amp designed to drive these impedances & they LOVE LOVE LOVE tubes!
A Schiit Vali hybrid with a vintage NOS Mullard or the WONDERFUL APPJ Audio PA1502 with a full boat of NOS tubes will open a world of imaging,staging & tonal colors you really can’t believe & will get you about 90% of what ANY $2000.00 can will!
If you really must try other cables Ebay & Amazon have a ton of choices & Moon Audio makes several high $ options..
We use the HE400i to demo our Danacable Lazuli cable at shows and can vouch that the combination is very synergistic.  Danacable does offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  Search for Lazuli on Head-fi.org for posts about the cables.
Vinh Vu
I have the 400S that I’m very happy with, except it’d be nice to have some more oomph on the bottom end (maybe shoulda got the 400i???). I too was looking for some better yet affordable cables, and although I haven’t purchased them yet I’m looking at the Satin Audio Hyperion 8. This is a double run of the standard Hyperion cable but still “only” costs $100 and is silver-plated copper in a Litz configuration.  Just another option.