High End Columbus, Ohio ?

may find myself back there this Fall...
anything left ?
when I left in 1986 there were 4 thriving brick and mortar dealers......

hope on hope ???
Sorry but, Progressive is long gone as is Audio Encounters and the one store remaining isn't worth mentioning. I deal with Hanson Audio in Dayton or their new location in Cincinnati. The new store in Cincinnati is awesome. It's a 100 miles for me but I don't mind. 
When Progressive Audio was thriving, there was none better.  Robert was great to deal with and the brands they sold were some of the best.  Miss Robert and that store......
lament the demise of Progressive- I worked there before during move to High Street
Dayton is a stretch on tight schedule 
thanks for the help it is appreciated 
For those who missed it at the peak Progressive had ADS, Infinity, KEF, QUAD, Vandersteen, Acoustat, Apogee, Beveridige, Soundlab, DCM, Wilson and kits....

Did you find any Audio shop(s) there in Columbus or make the trek to Dayton  -Happy Listening!
two days planned in Columbus turned into one as I helped brother with his remodel project
ran a sawzall for 8 hours..... not very musical
then when in Columbus really did spend most of my time with friends who run the brewery
thanks for asking !!!