Herron VTSP3 pre-amp with what stereo poweramp

Considering trying separates and have an interest in Herron pre-amp , however, I can't go with mono blocks- any suggestions from those who are familiar with Herron - saw in one virtual system Classe.My speakers are JM Reynaud Offrande Supremes, Blue Circle 509 DAC ,Stello CDT100 Transport; Blue Circle BC6000 power conditioner - thanks
I am very satisfied with my VTSP-3A and the classe ca-2200. I have tried many different amps and they do sound different, I think that the herron does not significantly color the music so when a change is made it is usually pretty easy to notice it. I like this particular model of classe as it is no rich in the mids with such natural and detailed timbre of instruments. The newer classe I think was a bit deeper in the base and perhaps a little more extended.
The Heron M1's are wonderful amps and is what I'm using on my Avalons along with the VTSP 3A. The M1's stacked will still have a smaller footprint than a traditional stereo amp but don't let the size fool you.
Wig, what are you using between your M1 in order to stack them, tried seeing in your system pic but am unsure
I also have used the Herron Amps stacked using just the standard feet. It didn't really cause any issues.
I don't remember the name but they are made with rubber and cork. Planning on replacing all footing with Herbies.