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Different versions of Dynaudio Confidence C1 & C4
The Version 2, signature and platinum are the same, new coating on tweeter, some crossover upgrades and wiring changes from the original. The first to come was the Ver 2 followed by cosmetic changes and an extended warranty with the signature. Las... 
Looking for a high end integrated to suit Dynaudio contour 5.4's
I have heard the Vitus RI-100 with the Dynaudio 5.4's and it was a wonderful pairing. Great integrated, lots of power and controlled the Dynaudio's well. I have not heard the others or the newer RI-101.  
Analog "Guru" Wally Malewicz passed away
Wally helped me greatly with a turntable cartridge many years ago and I found him to be very knowledgable, gracious and available. He inspected it gave advice on set up and further help with TT. All without asking and then turning down any compens... 
How Is MQA Fareing?
Recently upgraded my MSB Analog DAC with the new MQA module. I was previously streaming Tidal Master and it sounded good but to actually decode the MQA is much much better. I am happy with it and expect that MQA will continue to grow.  
What's been your turntable ownership over the years?
1979 - Linn LP12 ( sold stereo in 1985 to pay for college expenses )2005 - VP! 19Jr.2007 - Nottingham Spacedeck2009 - Nottingham Spacedeck heavy kit, Wave mechanic and custom SRA base added as well as Benz SLR Gullwing cart. 2013 - Sold entire col... 
Why are Harbeth speakers expensive while its drivers are not.
I think that they are priced what the market will pay. They have gone up a great deal in the US and prices are on the high side compared to overseas. There is value to the design insight and many people are willing to pay that price. They are very... 
Why pay so much for super high end?
Good question from the original poster. I like to buy the expensive speakers for health reasons. I started to have some real lung/respiratory issues from burning piles of my money in a bonfire in the middle of the living room floor. I found that i... 
Seller asked for PayPal fees after the sale. Should I pay them or not?
I like PayPal and never ask for the fee's when I sell. I just set the price taking them into account. Shipping depends on item and where shipping to. I would not have paid the fee's but may have agreed to split the difference with the seller if he... 
Want to hire NAS expert
Good ideas. I found someone and they helped fix the network and made sure my IP addresses would not randomly change with system glitches. Now the only problem is the Aurender conductor app which as doubled up my files and there does not seem to be... 
Esoteric SACD Titles
Thanks zephyr24069. As I rebuild my collection I am more interested in great music/quality than numbers of albums/discs/downloads.  
Esoteric SACD Titles
rcprince, thanks for your response, sorry they are not in your range, I can afford a few. After collecting thousands of cd's and lip's I am now more interested in quality than quantity.  
Amps which are Great, but either Unknown or Underpriced
I will give second nod to Herron. I have the M1A mono amps driving Verity Parsifal speakers from a MSB Analog Dac/UMT V transport source. I have demo'd other amps and nothing even close to the price is as pleasing musically, ( though I do agree wi... 
Second audio system in your house?
I have my primary system in a dedicated listening room. Like it very much. I have a second small system, Dynaudio Xeo 3 on dynaudio stands in the living room. I also like it but for serious listening I go to the music room.  
Herron VTPH 2--what cables are you using?
Yes, I used the herron cables, I still have two pair of them. The Herron electronics far far exceed the ability of the Herron cables. The Herron cables are ok but the Audience were a huge improvement in all areas.  
Herron VTPH 2--what cables are you using?
I used Audience AU24se in an all Herron system, Phono, Pre and amps. Very pleased. I think Herron recently used Audience in one of the audio shows. I now only have the Herron M1A amps as I have gone all digital but have kept with the Audience all ...