help from revel enthusiasts please

I have to decide whether the revel gems are a significant improvement over the m20's. In both cases the revel b15 sub will be used. It is a nearfield situation where the room is 20w by 12d with an 8ft ceiling. I have the revel f50s in another room and I really like them, but I do not know whether the gems will provide enough improvement to justify the expense. In both cases the electronics will be bryston and lexicon (theater set up) and there will be extensive music listening. No, I cannot change the electronics as I already own them and the speakers are the key variable. thanks for your input.
My personal opinion, based on the prices of both these speakers NEW: no, the upgrade is not worth it. The M20s are an amazing value...the Gems did not 'blow me away', as they should have for well over 3 times the price.
I should add that I listened only at the dealer's, but did listen carefully with known material for fairly extended time periods.
Why not try a side by side comparison at the dealer? I've owned the 20's and know how good they are. I would venture to guess the gems are quite a bit better. Just a hunch after hearing how good the Salons are.
Well, like many things in audio you will get opinions all over the map. In reality it comes down to your dollars and your ears--not anyone elses. I was thoroughly impressed with the M20s. I think Revel has really built an outstanding value with this speaker and in it's price I think it really shines. It's neutral, not hyped in any area (unlike many monitors in this price range), and I was just thoroughly impressed. The GEMS are significantly better speakers. Better detail, better imaging, and better extension and control. They should be with their price tag. They are not as impressive to me in the value category. There are other speakers in this price range that are as good (different mind you--so possibly not as good to some). If it were me, and I am not one that changes my equipment very often, I would probably spend more and get the GEMS (if it was already narrowed down to M20s and GEMS). No, I don't think they are the bargain of the M20s, which is why it would have to be a speaker I was going to live with for a long time. But what I would do is irrelevant. It's what works for you.