Do HT enthusiasts pair processors with tube preamps?

Seems a nice stereo tube preamp when layered between a processor and main spkrs is a really good way to enhance SQ.

Anyone do this?
You are right, sort of: that is a great way to unenhance sound quality.
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Yes. Theta through VAC.
How many threads do you need to start in multiple forums regarding this? Supposedly you have a NAD through a Schiit and running your multichannel Mac amp in 2 channel only.  What are your center and surrounds btw?

IMO, Changing your tubed pre to a high end one won’t do much for your overall HT experience.  Separating your HT from a 2-channel setup would be best. If your focus is on HT, then just get a better pre/pro
like many, full integration of ht and 2 channel is ideal. Separating systems rec, not helpful.

oh, vac is awesome but remote is not fully functional. No input control.  Otherwise would get it. Guess i am strange this way.  Looking at vtl 7.5 pre but out of production for a few months.  Part, labor issues.
You need a preamplifier with "processor bypass" mode, like the Classe CP-700, which is a solid state amp, but applies here. This allows me to send my fully balanced analog stereo signal from the player straight to the preamp.