HDTRACKS sample rate

I downloaded the free sample from HD TRACKS, which has a sample rate of 24/96 to see what the fuss is about. When playing it from my laptop to my Marantz SA8004 USB input the sample rate reads 16/44.1 The Marantz is supposed to accept inputs up to 24/192. Anyone know why it's only playing at the sample rate of 44.1?

The best thing about being a tech type of person, is that once you learn to toggle up the ADC to the max sample rate, you can re-release all the old stuff from tape again at higher bitrates than anyone else is using.
Better than bitcoin mining, if you ask me.

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I know little about WMP. But one guess is your output device is now set up for hi rez, maybe because it is set to 16/44 in shared mode and that is limiting you. I would start by calling up Control Panel, Sound and select your output device. Hit Advanced. Check the 2 exclusive mode boxes. Then, select 24/96 from the pulldown and test to see if you can play 24/96. You may also want to select your output device and hit Configure. Some devices have you set allowed output characteristics.
If you are using iTunes for playback it does not auto switch sample rates. You have to manually change to the 24/96. That's why a lot of people use a third party playback software like Audivrana and Pure Music (Mac) or dbPoweramp (Windows) for playback because they will auto switch.