HDtracks American Beauty

Just downloaded the 24/96 version of the Dead's American Beauty from HDtracks. Very impressive. Vocals are excellent (by both studio and GD standards). Definitely hearing things I hadn't before. Other impressions?
I hope it sounds better than the Workingman's Dead 24/96 that I purchased in Oct off HD Tracks. I really don't like the sound or the mix. They remixed many of the tracks for this reissue, completely changing what I consider an essential record for the Dead, and for any serious connoisseur of American rock. The bass seems out of whack with the rest of the instruments, and I wonder if there are phase issues. It definitely sounds more compressed, but have not checked the levels.
Swanny - I know what you're talking about. I think some of the things that I'm hearing that I never heard before may be increased emphasis on existing vocals. Sometimes it even seems like its an alternative vocal track altogether - but it's probably just emphasis. I actually like the alternative mix, as it gives me more insight on what their voices were sounding like at the time. But it definitely is not exactly the same. I can't say much about compression, as the system I'm listening on is good but not great. Let us know if you get it what you think.
I wonder if these releases aren't derived from the surround mixes produced a few years ago, which I think were mixed by Mickey Hart.
I use a little free program to look at the frequencies in high rez files. It is a quick way to look at how much content there really is above 20 KHz. It says nothing about how it will sound, but it interesting to look at the data.

Spek Frequency Analyzer

I started using it because there is sometimes question as to whether the files on HDtracks are really high rez or not. Some downloads have a lot of content above 20 KHz, others almost none.