Anyone download HDTracks

Hey you A-goners. Has anyone else downloaded The Stones "Let It Bleed" 88.2/24 from HDtracks? I'm working with their customer service, which has been prompt and right in every way, except the problem is not getting solved. The problem you say? The download sounds 5-10% fast....Mick sounds a bit like a chipmunk, and the rhythm is revved up enough it's almost comical. I've downloaded other albums from HD with great results and satisfaction; no problems at all. "Bleed" is my favorite Stones album....I've owned multiple examples of vinyl and digital formats, so.....I think I know what it should sound like. The HD version doesn't sound like any pre-existing copy in my collection. They promptly id'd the problem as a corrupt download file, and let me try again. Same problem. Am I the only one suffering this fate? Dang, I love this album, but.....imagine a higher pitched Mick, no swagger or swing in the music cause it's so fast the music's beat location sounds like it has changed, the cuts with the usual Stones druggy vibe wiped out. Anyway, let me know what *you* know!