have a pair of Tekton Perfect Set 15s but need a lighter speaker

I have a pair of Tekton Perfect Set 15s with my Decware couple of watts a channel amplifier. I love these speakers, they have an all around beautiful sound that I love but, these speakers are 86 pounds apiece and I can no longer move them like I did just a few years ago. Anyone have any suggestions on lighter alternatives? 


Hire a kid in the neighborhood to help you....give him a 10 and he'll be happy.

Any speaker that is as sensitive as the Tektons won't be much smaller.  If you like their sound , get some of those heavy duty furniture slider pucks.   Put one under each corner.  


Do they have spikes or are they threaded? 

Google "Herbie's Audio Lab." Look for their Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders. They also have gliders that replace spikes as well with threads. 

Will make moving the speakers significantly easier and you get to keep a sound that you enjoy (most important part). 

Hello @lejan 

I have a pair of the 2-10s on Gaia IIs. Tekton offers surprisingly good sound for the price point. 

To play with placement I put them (and the gaia's) on washcloth so I can easily slide them around on my wood floor. Once I  get the sound dialed in I simply remove the washcloth. 

I suppose if you're on carpet none of this helps. 

Coincidently I have a Decware Zen 25th on order (arriving sometime this summer/fall).