Has anyone tried the new McIntosh CD changer?

The MCD205? Thanks!
Are they really making a new changer? Did you see it somewhere, and if so, where? Thanks,
It is called the MCD 205 and can be viewed at The McIntosh website. I'd be interested in hearing some feedback on it
I look forward to reading the comments of people who have actually heard the piece. In the meantime I did a little research about the transport mechanism. It is Nakamichi's 'Music Bank' system. If you have a dealer that carries any of Nak's stuff you can go and see one of their changers and get a pretty good idea of how it works. It received discs like a car stereo does, and sorts the discs out on its own inside the mechanism. it is faster and a bit different than an internal magazine. It is really pretty smooth. The thing i have never liked about changers that keep the CD's inside (as opposed to a carousel thay you can pull out and see the discs) is that you can't see the discs.

I offerred this to keep the thread going; I really do hope to hear some audition reports though. My local dealer says they are not getting one anytime soon so for now I will have to rely on the testimony of others. Unfortunately my dealer is more home theatre oriented.
Everyone is waiting to hear about this CD player! I started this thread and I was looking for more than I already know. I heard the CD changer when I demo'ed the McIntosh integrated amps; it was the source. But I wasn't looking intot CD players at the time so I didn't focus on it. It sounded very good to my memory. The DACs are Crystal 24/96.
I recently purchased the 205 changer. It is not fully burned in yet -- I've got about 72 hours on it. So far the sound is very smooth. Plenty of bass, lots of midrange, and appealing, though not bright, highs. One of the more coherent presentations i've heard from a CDP. My sense is that the player is getting better sounding every 10 hours or so.

I also own a 6900 integrated and there is definitely a synergy between the components. For what its worth, I find myself buying more CD's, and worrying a bit less about whether I have the best digital or not.

The changer is a bit noisy, but I have not had a changer yet, carousel or internal, that wasn't. It is no noisier than any other changer I've heard and is definitly faster than any other I have had.
I have had my player burning in now for about 200 hours. Here it goes:

Goooood music. One word that comes to mind: "coherent". All the music I am hearing is being played in the proper proportions and is completely palatable. Smooth, deep base. Lots of midrange extension.....faithful, delicate highs. Absolutely non-fatiguing....no digital harshness in any way. Eminently listenable.

The changer mechanism itself (Nakamichi Music Bank) is very interesting. It is a bit loud, but no louder than any other changer I have had. It is faster than any changer I have ever used. I guess there is no way to make these things any less than a bit clumsy.

I have used both the RCA outputs and the XLR outputs and definitely prefer the XLR's. There's just more there in balanced mode: a larger, richer presentation.

I have found that I am enjoying the music much more, and don't find myself changing a song or disc before I have listened to it all the way through.

All this said, not everyone will like the sound of this player. If you want the utmost in resolution or detail.....i'm not sure you will get it from the 205. This player is not analytic in the least, which some will not like. If fingers plucking and scraping on guitar strings is in the recording, it will play it, but it will not send the resin on a violin bow wafting under your nose. It favors coherence over articulation.

This won't be my last CD player but it will easily see me through the format wars, or, until I hear interpolation I can both afford and live with.

If the sound changes significantly in the next 100 hours or so, i'll post a follow-up, or, if anyone wants more specific detail, you can email me. I'm going to go see what CD's are for sale......

Thanks for reading.
McIntosh MCD205 Changer. When using "digital" output to DAC the unit produces a static pop as CD begins play and is very disturbing to the ear. McIntosh is aware of this problem and indicated that they aren't sure if/when they can solve this flaw. Shame on them. Unit works fine with RCA outputs, but the music is not as sweet as when playing CD through the DAC.
MCD205 Static Pop Update (my thread of 7-30-02). McIntosh contacted me today (5Aug)that they have solved the Pop problem and requested that I send my unit back for modification. I have lifted the "Shame on them" marker; however, they still should have caught this problem before putting this unit out on the market.
That digital-out problem is great to know in case someone is planning to use this player with a DAC. The player has both coaxial and toslink digital outs.

I suspect for people really looking for ultimate digital playback, they will want to use this player with a DAC. For above average general listening this is a great changer. I find myself listening to more jazz than I ever have with this player, which is great. Good Luck,

I hooked up my 205 to an MSB Platinum Plus DAC yesterday and did not experience any of the static pop problems Goodsie mentioned (atleast not yet). Perhaps it is not a systemic problem. I'll update if anything changes.
I disconnected the MSB DAC to remind myself what the 205 sounded like. You know, it sounds great! Really. I don't think the DAC was a big enough of an improvement to warrant keeping it, and in fact, I think the sound of the 205 is more open and less dark than with the Platinum. I have sold the MSB and am thinking of putting the money toward an upgrade of speakers or maybe a SACD player.

This just goes to show you that you have to live with your equipment for a while to get to know it and fully appreciate all it can do.