Hard of Hearing Headphones for TV

My dad hearing is going downhill. He has become unbearable to watch TV around. His complaint about hearing aids are that they make it louder but not clearer. After a ton of research, I've come up with a couple of questions that I need help with:
1-A company TV Ears makes a great claim about transmitting in mono for wireless headsets. They stated that since everyone's hearing loss is not equal side to side that it works best. Any thoughts? I could probably do this with Y cables for any headphones.
2-Sennheiser has some really nice wireless headphones, 410, for TV. Anyone play with these?
3-AKG has a wireless system, 840, that seems very nice but a bit cumbersome.
Who has played with any of these? I'm not afraid of price. I even lent dad my AKG 701's but the cord and size were annoying for him. It looks like I'm going to be spending anywhere from $75 to $300???
Thanks for the help.
My 89 year old uncle has the same problem. I got him a pair of Sennheiser RS120 wireless headphone and he is enjoying TV once again.
My dad is in the same boat, and I feel your pain. About 5 years ago I connected his TV (audio out) to a receiver and hooked up some small speakers on either side of his chair. With the speakers that close, there is a headphone effect without the annoyance. Your dad will feel more social isolation with headphones if others are watching with him. If he watches alone, this is less of an issue, although he might miss the phone or a knock at the door. By the way, tone controls (on the TV or receiver) or an EQ could be used to tweak the sound to his liking.
My dad uses the TV ears and likes them very much. My mother, who's hearing is much better, appreciates them as well.
Thanks for the input. The stereo route won't work-he'll blast everyone out! He has no sympathy and doesn't feel left out.

How long do the batteries last on the Stereo Ears?
I picked a pair of Sony MDRRF970RK 900 MHz Analog RF Wireless Headphones for my 98 year old mother and she really likes them. These come with a recharging stand have been working well for 2 years now.
I highly reccomend the Sennheiser 140 wireless phones. They have a compression circuit that will enhance the TV dialog. My mother is 87, wears glasses and finds this Sennheiser model comfortable to wear and TV dialog much easier to understand. Try Amazon.com or J&R Audio. I think this is the best of the lot for your purpose.
While headphones will help I suggest you encourage your dad to return to the audiologist who fitted the hearing aids. Aids should be able clearly and intelligible hear speech, and do it under all contidions. I know, as a hearing aid wearer for over fifty years. The hearing aid technology today is more then capable of handling clear speech under every condition. Yes, there are hi-fi hearing aids and they are not expensive.

The issue really goes beyond the TV, in that he will not be hearing other sounds, like the speech of his grandchildren, kids etc., much more important then the TV.
Buconero117: If you don't mind, could you mention specific brands and models of hearing aids you would recommend? Thanks.
I have something like this (wireless) that my wife won at some event (she is an audiologist so they must have something to do geared toward the hard of hearing), I'll take a closer look at them tonight when I get home. They are still in the original packaging (been sitting for 2 years). I can post more tonight as to what the box says, but if you want them, you can have them. Just e-mail me directly via clicking on my username. You can just pay for the shipping via UPS (preferably as we have a pick-up everyday at my office and it will minimize my hassle).
Thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming...

My hopes are to get him headphones he will be happy with. Then he might actually get on his audiologist to find him hearing aids that work as well or better than those. We all get stubborn and cheap in our older years.
Okay, Elevick what I have is a Sennheiser Freeport 820 S system (you can probably do a google search and find out more). On the box it says RF wireless listening system for use with hearing aids. However, I am not sure if the additional wires for connecting to special types of hearing aides is included. There are no headphones, but the box states that any headphones can be connected to the portion of the device that is worn around the neck or near you. The other part of the device connects to the audio output of your TV and has the necessary cables to facilitate this. There is then a wireless broadcaster, a charging device (for the part that receives the wireless signal and gets either worn or placed near the listeners seating position - to which headphones plug in). Just let me know if you want it.
I got dad TV Ears. He's thrilled. He can't believe how quiet he can listen to headphones because it's so clear without any background noise. Mom is thrilled too. Thanks folks for your help.